Skeptics' Circle 76

Skeptics Circle 76 is out.

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As regular readers of the Skeptics' Circle know, hosts are usually given pretty wide latitude about how they handle the presentation of the posts. This time around, host Martin Rundkvist, who's hosted an excellent edition before (albeit with a puzzling theme), decides that a large dish brush is…
Skeptics' Circle #76 is up on Aardvarchaeology Carnival of Space #34 is up on Spaceflight.
It's almost here. No, not Christmas, although that's almost here too. what I'm talking about is the fast-approaching 76th Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle, which is due to land at Aardvarchaelogy on Thursday, December 20, right in time for the holidays. (And what better time to indulge in a… due out in a mere four days. Yes, on Thursday, December 18, Bing McGhandi over at Happy Jihad's House of Pancakes will be closing out 2008 by hosting the 102nd Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle. But there's a problem. Bing has informed me that he only has three entries as of last night. With…

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