Monckton error count is conserved

Gareth Renowden notices that Monckton has corrected the misattribution on his graph. Unfortunately, Monckton has preserved the number of errors in his graph by replacing that error with another one. (And yes this graph appeared in his presentation to the Heartland conference.

I also see that Monckton has now written an 18 page document on the commie plot against him.

i-15830518b0de36dc33714812dd986492-ErnstStavroBlofeld.jpg The villain in Monckton's fantasy is Lawrence Krauss. I imagine that Monckton thinks Krauss looks like the picture on the right. Some highlights:

First, [Krauss] approached The Guardian, which reliably supports every Leftist
cause, however half-baked, and is particularly unquestioning in its
lickspittle endorsement of the most extreme version of the "global
warming" notion. Yet even The Guardian would not touch the story. The
paper was not anxious to tangle with me again, for it had been compelled
to publish a humiliating and very strongly-worded correction by me after
one of its correspondents, a zoologist of no particular eminence, had
erroneously and scathingly criticized me for misunderstanding the
fundamental equation of radiative transfer ... Next, Krauss tried The Independent, another Left-leaning true-believer in the new religion, and notorious for the series of very silly stories about the
imagined future effects of "global warming" that it has been running on its
front page. ... Krauss, by now frantic, was more successful with New Scientist, once a
good journal of science for the layman, but now a mere craven, Lysenkoist-Marxist toady to whatever the current scientific party line happens to be.

Of course, "compelled to publish" just means The Guardian's normal right of reply. And far from being afraid of Monckton, The Guardian has just published this. And, of course, Monckton's gives us no reason to believe his story about Krauss contacting The Guardian and The Independent.

More like this

Monckton continues to entertain: Dear Professor Serene - A Fellow of the APS has drawn my attention to a new policy apparently adopted by the Executive Board of the American Physical Society, to the effect that every paper published in any APS journal must in future carry a disclaimer to the effect…
The most damning thing about Christopher Monckton's testimony to the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming on global warming science (video here), is the fact that the Republicans could not or would not get a single scientist to testify. His main argument is based on the…
Duae Quartunciae has been more patient than me, and found even more problems with Monckton's paper. Monckton has struck back at the APS. Check out this press release from the SPPI Said, Monckton elsewhere, "Trying to duck the usual process of scientific discourse by arguments about peer-review…
A summary by John Abraham of his thorough demolition of Monckton was published last month in the Guardian, along with commentary by George Monbiot. Now Monckton has responded with 446 questions for Abraham. Just to be clear here, "446 questions" is not hyperbole for "lots of questions". There are…

Uh-oh, nobody mention to Monckton that Krauss and I have personally met and conspired on the Lysenkoist-Marxist takeover of science science activism :)

wow... I hadn't read the details and had no idea the delusions were so extreme. Needless to say I didn't contact anyone at the guardian or independent.. I write a biweekly column for the new scientist and wrote about the episode there.

lawrence krauss

By lawrence krauss (not verified) on 12 Mar 2009 #permalink

Any chance we could collect enough donations to get Moncton a ticket to the Maldives? One way of course...

Mr Monckton? Joe McCarthy called, and he says...Good Job! These guys are going to eliminate the need fo comedians. How can you parody that?

Monbiot is a zoologist? Monckton forgot to add that he was still wrong; whilst I don't expect Monbiot to get some tricky physics right, and oddly enough he did admit that he had gotten it wrong, Monckton continues to lie by claiming that he has it right...
Moncktons whole way of writing appears designed to make you want to punch his lights out.
(Stand by for misquoting 3,..2...1..)

OK, so thats another question for Monckton, assuming he ever shows up anywhere again- where did he get the idea Krauss approached the Guardian?

In his mind the world revolves around Monckton, doesn't it? And when people point out when he's talking nonsense, it's all part of some great plot against him.

As Krauss is a regular contributor to NS, I'd expect the article to appear there. I suspect Monckton found the idea that Krauss tried newspapers first in the same place that he pulls his other "facts" from.

There's nothing like a little 19th century prose from the quill of the dashing Monckton to give one a hearty chortle. His tales of derring-do adventures and heroic vanquishment of assorted fiendish foes that stalk him day and night are simply riveting, what!

Next month, I hear, he begins a journey to the very centre of the earth!

Monckton ho!

Well,Monbiot's playing cards are rather stupid and may reflect his 'eminence', especially as he pinched the idea from none other than George Bush and Iraq. Sure sign George M is on a downward slope.

If Mr Monckton genuinely believes that Saperstein's review is a peer review then he is a greater fool than I believed him to be. He is either being 'mendacious' or has never seen a genuine peer review.

Not only did the potty peer show his now infamous slide during his "keynote" on the final afternoon, but it came early on, as he announced:

The message of this conference to the bedwetters is: stop telling lies.

If only he would...

> Next month, I hear, he begins a journey to the very centre of the earth!

You mean Monckton can decode runic cryptograms from Iceland? (I say: Eternity!)

> Unfortunately, Monckton has preserved the number of errors in his graph by replacing that error with another one.

The Law of Conservation of Climate Inactivist Errors.

A Google News search for '"Heartland Institute" climate' yields 152 hits in the last week. A search for 'Copenhagen climate' yields 5241 hits. Clearly the communist plot has extended right through the media now.

A search for 'Monckton climate' yields a massive 17 hits, some of which are not very sympathetic.

Awww,d'ya think so,Dave A? Pinched the idea from George Bush? And thought he'd get away with it!...

The playing cards used after Saddam's downfall were not a GWB idea. They were

[d]eveloped by five US Army Soldiers: 2LT Hans Mumm, SSG Shawn Mahoney, SGT Andrei Salter, SGT Scott Boehmler, and SPC Joseph Barrios, who were assigned to the Defense Intelligence Agency.


[a]ccording to Navy Lt. Cmdr. Jim Brooks, a spokesman for the Defense Intelligence Agency, such playing cards have been used as far back as the Civil War and again in World War II â Army Air Corps decks printed with the silhouettes of German and Japanese fighter aircraft fetch hundreds of dollars today â and in the Korean War.

Source: Wikipedia

People do card decks for all sorts of things, and this topic offers some interesting new possibilities.

1) For example, I'm only in one deck as 10 of Hearts.

But, maybe Monckton has his own deck of Really Bad People, in which it would be an honor to appear. I'm sure Tim Lambert and Lawrence Krauss would be there.

2) But on the other side, maybe there should be a deck of denier's cards. Heartland has a good list of "experts" to start.

By John Mashey (not verified) on 13 Mar 2009 #permalink

The Law of Conservation of Climate Inactivist Errors.

Taking his cue from W. Dembski is he? That figures.

There must be a "How to Deny Anything and Everything in 10 Easy Steps" handbook out there somewhere, sitting right next to the "How to Make Your Paper Sound All Sciency With Just a Few Nonsense Words" handbook.

P Lewis,

Thanks for that, but as far as the left/environmentalists here in Britain are concerned everything bad about the US (and to them that means almost everything about the US) emanated from George Bush.

They have a very limited world view!

By Dave Andrews (not verified) on 13 Mar 2009 #permalink

Dave A the inactivist: The playing cards idea came from Bush!

Us: No.

Dave A: I blame my factoid on the eco-leftists! Haha!

Us: Idiot.

Hard to believe, isn't it? Lord Munchkin is a known liar and coward. He claimed that 'The Guardian' paid him damages because of something that Monbiot wrote. He even tried to insert this fiction into his Wikipedia entry but it was spotted and removed. He failed to reply to questions about this.

He's threatened to sue people for defamation but when challenged has mysteriously backed down or slunk off every time.

Munchkin, please sue me. I'd love to see your lying spineless carcass in court!

By TrueSceptic (not verified) on 13 Mar 2009 #permalink

> biweekly column for the new scientist and
> wrote about the episode there.

Column yet to appear? Found some older mentions of M.

By Hank Roberts (not verified) on 14 Mar 2009 #permalink


And we are supposed to take seriously someone whose blogs have a background of scantily clad women?

Grow up!

I think mr. krauss only tells all these awful lies supporting al gore and so on to get back at lubos motl for some imagined slight. i watched the big bang theory on tv and they had a girl just like him only a girl.

before i heard of mr krauss i thought of lord monckton as the smartest man in the world but after that i felt his credibility was weak so and i blame mr krauss also.

i think this is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

By Marion Delgado (not verified) on 14 Mar 2009 #permalink

Scantily clad women?
Oh dear...
But I'll bet a certain web site is getting a surge of traffic.
Way to go, did you bother reading anything?

Also, remind me to put up more pictures of scantily clad women in the future.

Maybe he's objecting to the "clad" part, not the "scanitly". Testing this notion might increase your blog traffic ...

Didn't most US citizens think that everything bad about the US emanated from George [W] Bush?

" remind me to put up more pictures of scantily clad women in the future.

How juvenile. Grow up

"And we are supposed to take seriously someone whose blogs have a background of scantily clad women?"

Why yes - satire is serious stuff.
Adults will recognize that.

The tongue-in-cheek International Journal of Inactivism deserves and gets more respect that you do, DaveA. I suspect that is why you have a problem.


It may well get more respect than you do Lee also. But who really cares? It isn't satirical to be juvenile, just juvenile.

That's why you both need to Grow up

sounds like Dave A perhaps has a long and deep personal issue with scantly clad woman. I wouldn let it drop or he might completely flip out.