Please vote for Peter Sinclair and Climate Denial Crocks

Peter Sinclair is locked in a close struggle in online voting for a $5000 grant that he can use to improve the quality of his Climate Denial Crock videos. If you've watched any of his videos here, please vote for him. You have to register, but it only takes a few seconds. Saturday, May 15 is the last day to vote. Here's one of his videos that I haven't featured before, on global warming on Mars:

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I just cast three votes for his project

By Fran Barlow (not verified) on 14 May 2010 #permalink

Voted - good luck!

Already Voted. He is losing at this stage by about 500 votes. I want to encourage everyone to get E-mail their friends and relative to vote for Mr. Sinclair.

By Trent1492 (not verified) on 14 May 2010 #permalink

Sigh. My apologies for the grammar. It should read:

I want to encourage everyone to E-mail their friends and relatives to vote for Mr. Sinclair.

By Trent1492 (not verified) on 14 May 2010 #permalink

Remember, you can vote up to 3 times. Give him all three.

By Craig Allen (not verified) on 14 May 2010 #permalink

Seems he's winning now

Done! Peter's work has been first-rate: long may he continue!

By climateprogressive (not verified) on 15 May 2010 #permalink

He may also care to apply to the Heartland Institute for funding.

Oh, wait..

Done - though it is a shame Peter has to depend on this kind of ad hoc funding to improve his productions.

He got my 3 votes.

By Ian Forrester (not verified) on 15 May 2010 #permalink

I didn't realise you could use all 3 votes on the same project. Greenman's now got all 3 of mine.

By TrueSceptic (not verified) on 15 May 2010 #permalink

I'm in.
Go Greenman!

I'm voting now...just in time!

By MapleLeaf (not verified) on 15 May 2010 #permalink

At the time of this post Peter is in the lead with 5069 votes.

Good luck Peter!

By MapleLeaf (not verified) on 15 May 2010 #permalink


i had always hoped that sinclair could pull in some money with his fantastic work.

While you're there, if you think their privacy policy is okay (seems so to me), take a crack at their carbon calculator (I'd like to know more about how its result compares to others you may have used) and see what you think of their voluntary offsets ideas. There are a lot of similar programs showing up in various places.

Voted early, and voted often :) (3x, anyway)

By Marion Delgado (not verified) on 15 May 2010 #permalink

Peter got all three of my votes.

By Derecho64 (not verified) on 15 May 2010 #permalink

Done, with all three votes, although I do feel a little bad for that high school project. I assume they'll have other chances, though.

By Steve Bloom (not verified) on 15 May 2010 #permalink

Signing up gives you, in addition to the 3 votes, a variety of ways of contributing money to the organization that is making the grants -- a new grant each month.

I haven't looked at the details yet (one is some kind of credit/debit card tie-in). If someone does, please post your recommendations about what they offer after the deadline passes for this month's vote.

greenman is ahead by 800 points. He was picking up votes every few seconds as I clicked around. I'm off to add the other 2....

He picked up ~20 votes in the couple of minutes I registered and voted thrice. He sure deserves this.

I voted for Peter, but I also voted for the Belgrade High CARE project. I sort of had too since I live in Bozeman and work in Belgrade!

By Rattus Norvegicus (not verified) on 15 May 2010 #permalink

Rattus, I trust someone's making sure they get their nomination again for next month's vote and put up a website for their project. They seem to have good local sponsors and will probably get attention from all of us who jumped into the process -- deservedly -- next round.

I'm seeing quite a few high school solar projects -- just saw a nice detailed one in which they built a solar hot water collector, brazing half-pipes into creased sheet metal, quite a high-tech job, and inspiring.

I reckon Peter got about 1000 votes on the last day!

He came out top.

Did anyone tell the folks over there what was happening?
"We're double-checking the tally for this month's voting period...." -- no surprise when the numbers run up fast. If this pays off for them in active participation by new members, it'll please them once they realize what happened.

funny, we all voted for him, because we thought only the top project would win. now it looks like several projects do!

congrats to all the winners. (was pretty hard to not vote for that school project...)

It would have been especially hard if people had known that the good people of Belgrade did not pass a mil levy to help fund the schools there. Bozeman, on the other hand always passes mil levies for their schools and it shows, the have a great school system, Belgrade, not so much.

By Rattus Norvegicus (not verified) on 16 May 2010 #permalink

ps, seriously, folks, have a look at the carbon calculator at brighterplanet. Encourage them.

Check the level of detail. If you're obsessive enough about recordkeeping, you can go back and enter all your airline flights for more than a decade, for example, and get suggestions for changing the future like this:

"Book daytime flights. Jet contrails trap way more heat in the atmosphere at night than they do during the day."

Looks like they knocked over 600 votes off of Peters total.
He got $5000 dollars, which suggest he was the only recipient in that round, because there is still $608 for the next round?

The total in the kitty was $5608.

32 Paul,

Yes, I've just got this

Hi TrueSceptic,

We wanted you to know how much your vote mattered in this
month's Project Fund election: with your support,
greenman3610's project will become a reality!

With the seed money you and fellow voters have put in his/her hands,
greenman3610 will begin work on "Climate Denial Crock of the Week":

although "begin work" isn't quite right. ;)

By TrueSceptic (not verified) on 17 May 2010 #permalink

TrueSkeptic - got the same e-mail. Glad to see him get some recognition.

Behold the awesome power of Deltoid!

By Marion Delgado (not verified) on 18 May 2010 #permalink