Blogging on climate change - a job for the brave

CSIRO's ECOS magazine has published an article on climate blogging by Graeme Readfern. Featured are Deltoid, Skeptical Science and Climate Shifts.

Hat tip: Ove Hoegh-Guldberg.

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The Australian seems to have an endless supply of journalists who, with no background in science, write stories about how the scientists have it all wrong on global warming. The latest effort, by one Jamie Walker, is dealt with by Ove Hoegh-Guldberg.
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Ove Hoegh-Guldberg sends birthday greetings to Andrew Bolt. If you don't know why there are seven graphs, see here.

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By Dave Andrews (not verified) on 06 Jun 2010 #permalink

How about crazy brave ;)

Great article, and good to see tribute being paid to such wonderful sites/blogs as Skeptical Science and Deltoid.

I've never stopped to think it as a "brave act". Time consuming, maddening and occasionally rewarding.

As a climate change blogger (gosh, what a title) I've experienced my fair share of personal insults, attacks and criticisms and the occasional thank you from people around the world.

Like John Cook said, I do it because of my daughter.

In addition to those blogs mentioned in article I'd like to salute, pay tribute and encourage people to visit some of the smaller, less well known but very good blogs at:

[AGW Observer]( - Ari from Finland's database of scientific papers on all aspect of climate change. A valuable resource, and complements the work of John Cook
[Moth Incarnate]( Tim has great blog with some witty cartoons.
[Open Parachute]( Not that small, but if you don't know Ken's site go there now!
[Wott's up with that]( day, Ben does what many of can't stomach. Read WUWT? and replies to the factual inaccuracies of what Watt's and his merry band of deniers pump out.

We're part of a community of scientists, journalists and ordinary citizens united in our concern for our societies and the future well being of our children and strangers.

By Watchingtheden… (not verified) on 06 Jun 2010 #permalink

indeed a job for the brave.

but only the most brave, ever dare to take a look at the nonsense posted over on WuWt.

i have been trying to keep people updated on their sea ice spin. this one is even better, than older posts were.

Goddard is optimistic for this winter. he is using a SINGLE DAY, to predict this years arctic summer minimum. i am not joking. (june 6, it is)

but stuff gets even better in comments. some people pointed out, that arctic ice might melt, even though air temperature is below 0°C. one guy (Marc.R) made a comment about the temperature being taken in the shade. here is the reply:

stevengoddard says: June 6, 2010 at 6:08 pm Good luck finding shade in the Arctic!

Dave Andrews that comment was quite a low (even for you). I think Tim did you a favour by disemvouling you.

But Tim did the right thing in the interest of keeping mockery of people's children and parental care as an off-limits area of attack.

Dv ndrws should be disemvoweled more often.

He makes more sense when he is...

Always wondered when Graeme was going to pop up again & was hoping the courier mail wasnt going to be his last word. Thanks for the mention Graeme & great to see a good word about some of the best climate change blogs around.

Another good Aussie site is:

An interesting, if too brief, article by Readfern.

Astonishing that he was totally silent on the very deliberate and central role of the Murdoch media in the denial and delay machinery.

You can take the boy out of Murdoch but you can't remove the fear of Murdoch from the boy, it would seem.

What a sad coincidence that the screengrab for 'Deltoid' is also a subtle ad for Murdoch's 'Avatar'!

I concur, what Tim and John do is not for the faint of heart. Thank you again for not only providing a valuable service for the community, but also for science.

This is O/T, but probably warrants a response from someone-- its own thread perhaps Tim? I just posted this at RC:

"Have people seen this from Spencer?…


This follows a post in which he estimates climate sensitivity (CS) to be about +1.7 C-- marginally higher than the lower bound of the range of CS given by IPCC.

Intriguing, in the one post he determines CS to be within the range given by the IPCC, and in the post following that he claims that almost all of the N. Hemisphere warming in the 20th century can be explained using internal climate variability (that assertion also seems to contradict the findings of Swanson et al. (2009, PNAS)). That is, the warming in the N. Hemisphere can allegedly be attributed to variations in SOI, AMO and PDO.

Why the focus on N. Hemi. temps?"

By MapleLeaf (not verified) on 07 Jun 2010 #permalink

> This follows a post in which he estimates climate sensitivity (CS) to be about +1.7 C-- marginally higher than the lower bound of the range of CS given by IPCC.

Haven't seen it yet, but IIRC Spencer seemed fond of trying to estimate climate sensitivity from far-too-short periods of data (days or months rather than decades and beyond), thereby ensuring his estimates would exclude all the slower feedbacks - and thus end up much lower than they should be. Without reading his latest, I imagine he's done the same again...

By Lotharsson (not verified) on 07 Jun 2010 #permalink

Really? Seriously? Oh brother.

Dave (the idiot) Andrews should also be disemboweled, that way he won't be able to pass anymore bullsh!t.

By Ian Forrester (not verified) on 07 Jun 2010 #permalink

Now, now, Ian. I won't have it said that we resort to threats here on Deltoid. That could be spun faster than you can say 'ad hominem attack'. [waggles finger]

Thanks Roger @15 :)

By MapleLeaf (not verified) on 08 Jun 2010 #permalink