6 Cases of Shameless False Advertising

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A docudrama by Piet Hoenderdos on Douglas Hofstadter, philosopher and author of one of the greatest books ever published, Godel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid. [HT: Mental Floss]
The term "Freudian Slip" has been the subject of innumerable puns.  This one is new to me: It's the perfect holiday gift for shrinks in cold climates. HT: Mental Floss
Miss Cellania is the very clever 'nym of a Kentucky-based full-time blogger, radio producer, and more-than-full-time mother. She consistently puts up very imaginative and insightful content at her home blog but in her other gigs at mental_floss and Geeks Are Sexy. I love mental_floss so that's…
So most reports are saying that the justices appeared fairly hostile to the idea of removing the Ten Commandments displays. Judge for yourself by reading the transcript of the oral arguments. I was right that Douglas Laycock did not argue the Van Orden case, it was Erwin Chemerinsky of Duke…

I always thought Listerine was a product in search of a use. Over the years its claims changed as they were shown to be unsupported.