Recent updates to the geek shopping list

Do you wonder what the SciBlings drool over during the holiday season?
Here are some gift ideas from Janet, Shelley, Greg, Ed, Mo, the Bleimans, and me.

And you can probably guess what Steve suggests.

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Usually, I wait until the end of December to take care of holiday-related shopping and shipping. This year, I've resolved to do better. This year, I'm hoping to ship holiday gifts before Christmas. Fortunately, my SciBlings have come up with lots of great holiday recommendations to help you…
As any scienceblog reader now knows, we all met up in NYC this weekend. I met many of my sciblings for the first time, including Orac, Tara, PZ, Chris Mooney and the lovely Sheril, Grrl, Zuska (we hatched an evil plot muahaha), Mo, Kemibe, Bora, Janet, Shelley, Rob Knop, RPM, Jake and…
No, you can't have a glow-in-the-dark kitty. But never fear, the SciBlings and I have other ideas for holiday gifts. If you really have your heart set on glowing animals, and you don't live in California, you can get a tankful of lovely glowing fish, genetically engineered with a different version…
OK, this will be the last series of pictures of my Sciblings from the shindig of the past weekend. As you may have noticed, several others have posted their recollections and pictures on their blogs. You can also see some pictures on Flickr and Facebook and please add and tag more if you have…

Surprisingly, I advocate they do their shopping at my site: and not surprisingly, your site! :~)
Everyone you mentioned had a lot of great ideas but I especially liked the hilarious cartoon on Steve's site. It talks about brain implants so it got me wondering. I wonder if they still have Albert Einstein's brain in storage?
If they do, maybe I can get that? LOL! If I do you will know I did cuz you will see my old one on E-bay! Description: used, but in pretty good shape! :~)
When I get the 21st century version of E=MC squared I will let everyone know! Boy, won't that be revolutionary!
Dave Briggs :~)

I saw the Walking Brain over on Steve's site, the Omni Brain Blog, and it is really Neat! There is a video of it walking too! When you go to the link it shows the package and it says it only costs $3.
I left a comment there saying it would be great "Baby Bling," but at 55 years old I was getting such as big kick out of it that it seems safe to say that it would be enjoyed by all ages!
Dave Briggs :~)