No more mystery meat!

If you like ham and bacon, you might be interested in this. GenomeWeb reports that researchers at the University of Barcelona have developed an assay that tests 46 SNPs and can be used to trace the origin of your pork dinner.

According to GenomeWeb, the test identifies both the breed and origin of the animal.

The university and the company said meat traceability is necessary to ensure consumer safety, particularly in cases of infectious disease outbreaks or accidental feed contamination.

No more doubts about the home of your Jamón.

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"said meat traceability is necessary to ensure consumer safety"
Sounds like a great idea to me!I saw a report recently that the USA FDA is working on a program with the goal of having GPS tracking implants put in all the agricultural animals in the country.
I believe that following and protecting the food supply is going to be a growing concern worldwide as we add more eaters to the planet all the time!
Dave Briggs :~)