You could always give your loved ones the flu

or E. coli, or perhaps a little Giardia (just to loosen things up, of course), or maybe even Herpes.

i-989b33e70cc1f6594d6dc025bc986fea-tie.pngAll these scary pathogens become works of art, when Infectious Awareables puts the images on neckties.

And what could be funnier than a pair of boxer shorts full of Gonorrhea?

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How about a microbe plushie? They're ADORABLE! And what could be better than giving a loved one Mad Cow Disease for the holidays?

The mold/fungi was real nice! The plague was quite beautiful! LOL! I am always amazed at the beauty whether you look into a microscope or a telescope. To see the wonderful various shapes and colors and patterns. Beauty in the symmetry and the asymmetry. Science is Amazing!
Dave Briggs :~)

The designs are pretty, but...why neckties?
A more useless, comfortable piece of clothing I have not seen since the hoop skirt.