'tis the season - to apply for summer internships

If you want to work in biotech, you have to get work experience. But, how do you find it?
One way to find work experience is to do an internship.

When do I look?

If you're a college student, and you're planning to wait until spring to apply for a summer internship, you're waiting too long. The time to look is NOW. Many of the best internship opportunities appear between the beginning of December and end of February.

Where do I look?
As far as where, quite a few places have regular internship programs. I listed some examples below.

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I think that internships like this are a great thing because they can teach you so many things that the classroom cannot. They allow to use that knowledge you gained from class in a realistic setting in the work world. This allows you to see what can happen when you apply the research that you have been taught and how it can effect the outside world. Along with how it can give you job experience for when you eventually graduate and decided to get a job or go further on to grad school.

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