WorldNutDaily Hits A New Low

Craige McMillan, the WorldNutDaily's uber-moron, has finally sunk to about as low as you can get to score political points. Just gaze at this unbelievable statement:

Many conservatives worry that the Democratic Party is nothing more than a loose-knit collection of social extremists intent on moving their particular agenda out into the mainstream, regardless of the cost to the rest of us. And at the top of that list is homosexuality. Conservatives see the Catholic Church facing bankruptcy and ruin because homosexuals infiltrated the seminaries and recruited their boy-lovers as students into the priesthood. These recruits took their newfound "wisdom" into the parish, where they perfected it on the alter boys.

We worry that the same thing could happen to public education if John Kerry is elected president. We don't want to send our 8-year-olds into NAMBLA-staffed, government quota-managed classrooms, where our kids can be "educated" about gay sex in public restrooms.

After months of bashing Kerry as a bad Catholic, he's now arguing that because Kerry is Catholic and the Catholic Church has a problem with pedophilia, if you elect Kerry president, your kids are going to be sodomized by their teachers. Congratulations, Mr. McMillan. You are officially the most loathsome creature this side of Osama Bin Laden. How on earth does Joseph Farah publish such noxious garbage and still claim to be a good Christian and a patriot? If there is a hell, it is made for such people to burn in.

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"How on earth does Joseph Farah publish such noxious garbage and still claim to be a good Christian and a patriot?"

Probably by reading the appropriate biblical passages.

I wondered about Craige Roberts many times when I was a Whirled Nuts Daily reader several years ago. Is it just me, or on sexual issues doth this man protest too much?

By bear, the (one each) (not verified) on 13 Aug 2004 #permalink

Having read a few of Craige McMillan's pieces over at WorldNutDaily over the years, it seems clear that he has a "thing" about homosexuality. Almost an irrational fear. It's almost enough to make one wonder whether he's something of a closet case, himself.