It's Noah's Ark! No Really, We Mean It This Time!

The Worldnutdaily has yet another article on the search for Noah's Ark and how it has been "rejuvenated" by a satellite picture of what looks for all the world like nothing more than a typical mountain ridge. Along the way, they mention the frauds of Wyatt Archaeological Research (Ron Wyatt is one of the most transparently ridiculous con men of the last century; the fact that he continues to have so many followers - among them Kent Hovind - is a testament to human credulity). Finding Noah's Ark is a lot like finding oil in Israel - they're always this close to finding it and if only you would send more money they could complete the work.

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Kelly Hollowell, the delightfully daffy columnist for the Worldnutdaily, has a new column up about the imminent discovery of the Ark of the Covenant. The Ark of the Covenant was the golden box that allegedly housed the Ten Commandments tablets and the rod of Aaron, and it has been the center of…
It always amuses me that the Worldnutdaily wants to be taken seriously as a news source while constantly blaring huge headlines, complete with flashing red "Breaking News" or "Exclusive" icons, saying things like UFOs: Space Travelers or Demonic Deceivers? It probably goes without saying that most…
And out come the wingnuts. Here's the email I just received from someone named James Albright: Dear Ed, Noah's ark was discovered by Ron Wyatt, whose ministry is named Wyatt Archeological Research. The news media is only taking attention away from the real ark through your ministry. Please stop…
Ho hum. I'm getting lots of mail about this ridiculous story on WND and Fox claiming that Noah's Ark has been discovered atop Mt Ararat. No, it hasn't. This is yet another mob of incompetent evangelicals hiking all over a big hill in Turkey and credulously interpreting every rock formation and…

Noah's Ark?

That is a myth derived from earlier Chaldean myths, as is made clear at (scroll down to the last few paragraphs).

It's amazing that these american religious wackos still perceive a need to justify their bible myths anthropologically. Their efforts are about as vapid as the totally disgraced bible codes.

I saw that photo you mentioned, Ed, and for the life of me, no matter how I squint, I can't see the shape of a boat in there. It's indistinguishable from a normal mountain ridge to me -- is there a diagram somewhere showing what people are seeing in it? I can't even tell how someone might think they see a boat, that's how nondescript it looks.

Well what are we waiting for? Quick, somebody use Dembski's explanatory filter on it. That'll let us know if it's natural or designed, right?


Quick, someone get Dr. Behe to examine the photo at and tell us, using the sophisticated and objective techniques of ID theory, whether the appearance of an "ark" in the photo means we should declare that it is scientific to conclude that the object in the photo is, in fact, an intelligently-designed ark.

It's a prefect chance to test out ID theory in general, and the Mt. Rushmore analogy in particular.

Raging Bee wrote:

These are the same kind of people who saw the "Face of Mars," remember?

Well, to be fair, at least that structure actually looked like a face ;)

You folks miss the point. According to individuals in the other thread the flood happened, was worldwide, and thats that.

Science simply has nothing to say about this matter. I think I'm going to start thinking like this. It removes the nagging need to question things.:-)

I think the Noah story could be a golden wedge issue for politicians that pander to evangelicals/fundamentalists. Probably no other Biblical concept more separates the fundamentalists from the mainstream Christian orders. Bush has been successful in attracting both groups, but Noah forces him to choose a side. I think that mainstream Christians find the story embarrassingly impossible and an obvious allegory/fable. It's barely a step away from belief in a flat Earth. Couldn't an enterprising reporter get the President's position on the literal truth of the Noah story in Genesis? He'd be stuck between angering the literal-Bible-thumpers or appearing ridiculous to the mainstream Christians.

They should have included a 1 cubit scale bar so we could check out the dimensions of this petrified scow.

By schartman (not verified) on 10 Mar 2006 #permalink

Good point schartman.

Although they took pains to mention the 6:1 ratio for the length:width, nowhere did they actually say what any of those dimensions were. Obviously they wouldn't be so stupid as to suggest some feature a half mile long might be their barge. Clearly they must have the numbers somewhere and they jibe with the Biblical cubitage.

So where are they?

That totally can't be the Ark -- there's not a little house on top. I've seen reliable pictures.

Seriously, it would be funny to survey ALL of the boat-shaped anomalies in an around Ararat, and really keep these dodos busy...

Wouldn't it have been cooler if God instructed Noah in the construction of underwater domes?

I have carefully studied this picture and am now completely certain that it is of Atrahasis' big boat which I have devoted my life to finding. Who is this Noah anyway?