Bill Nye's Debate Victory Lap on The Last Word

Bill Nye "The Science Guy" went to the Creation Museum to debate "is creation a viable model of origins in today's modern scientific era?" After the debate, Bill Nye came to the Last Word to discuss his faceoff with the founder of the Creation Museum, Ken Ham.

Nye said he accepted the debate challenge because the spread of creationism "frightens" him. "I don't think I'm going to win Mr. Ham over any more than Mr. Ham thinks he's going to win me over," Nye said. "Instead, I want to show people that this belief is still among us. It finds its way onto school boards in the United States."

Ham, on the other side, told TheBlaze why he challenged Nye to the debate. "I just think it's really healthy for the public to actually hear two people like this that are really polar opposites in many ways," he said, "because what you believe about who you are [and] where you came from affects your whole worldview."

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The debate was only the beginning. It was basically designed to get Creationism back on topic again and get people interested in it. Sort of like an introduction to a product that is commonplace but people rarely pay attention to anymore.

The debate will be used to gather attention and raise funds to further the Creationism cause. I will assuredly put in my efforts both financially and physically.

By Kevin Sanders (not verified) on 05 Feb 2014 #permalink

Ah, Nye lost. He was ill prepared, illogical, and boring.

It's just a debate, but to say he won is just wrong. Creationists usually win such debates.

An exeption was a PZ Myers radio debate, where PZ won. But usually the Creationists win such debates.

Nye is a shill, and was probably paid to participate, and perhaps to throw the debate (that is how Nye rolls as far as I can tell).

By William Wallace (not verified) on 05 Feb 2014 #permalink

Kevin, when at least half the U.S. population believes in creationism in some form, the reason people "rarely pay attention [to] anymore" is that for them, the subject is rarely raised. In our science-infused bubble any mention of creationism might look like unnecessary airtime for a ludicrous world view, but for a lot of folks merely raising the existence of a challenge to that world view is a success.

By weirdnoise (not verified) on 05 Feb 2014 #permalink

Absolute garbage!! Our country is the laughing stock of the world- 6000 days, really!!!! I will do everything in my to power to keep creationists out of the public domain!!

You can't prove religion, you can only undermine society/labor for not accepting the claim, which is an economic stance, and in the long run-requisite for looting finite natural resources.

By Rick White (not verified) on 06 Feb 2014 #permalink


you efforts are futile. Your side does not have the financial support that our side has. You are outnumbered, outspend, and outmanuveured.

Did you realize that the Creationism movement is growing very strongly in Russia and Ukraine? Christianity in general is growing in former Soviet countries very rapidly and the acceptance of Creationism is growing there as well. In the middle east where islam is dominant, Creationism is the dominating belief as well. Only former free countries who are now in the grips of left wing marxism are denying creationism and replacing God with occult pagan beliefs like the worship of the earth (global warming) and other such blasphemy.

So, NO the USA is NOT the laughing stock of the world. In a sense, Europe is.

By Kevin Sanders (not verified) on 06 Feb 2014 #permalink