Barbaric People Worship Barbaric Gods

And here's a perfect example. Rabbi Yehuda Levin is still ranting like a lunatic about the gay pride event in Jerusalem, as Agape Press reports. And you're gonna love this logic:

Orthodox Jewish rabbi Yehuda Levin fears that this homosexual pride event is turning the Holy City into a "homo city" -- and he is worried that the government's support of the week will bring on severe judgment from God...

The rabbi also notes that Israel's prime minister and Hezbollah's leader cannot explain why they have gone to war at this time. Levin believes they may have had no choice. "The answer may be because both Olmert and Nazrallah are literally puppets of Almighty God," he shares.

According to Rabbi Levin, 24 hours before the hostilities began, an effort to get the government to rescind the permits for the week of pro-homosexual activities was rejected.

This man's conception of God is insane, barbaric and utterly irrational. Levin seriously thinks that God is so mad at gay people that he is controlling the minds of other people to kill still another group of people who have nothing to do with the gay people he's mad at. And all this coming from a man who fancies himself the voice of morality. I don't think he has a clue what morality is other than the violent imposition of his prejudices.

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Meat puppets!

By somnilista, FCD (not verified) on 08 Aug 2006 #permalink

This is a concept that deserves to be taken much further. For instance, God forces Hollywood to keep making films starring Adam Sandler because... well, I'm not sure what we did, but it must have been pretty bad. Makes you long for the days when He just sent the Botch of Egypt or some such.

One of the things I've never had answered to my satisfaction (read, practacally at all), is why God is so psychopathically interested in things like:
* Consensual sex.
* Having people constantly praise him.
* Having people acknowledge and believe in him.
* Having people obey his every command.
* Half-randomly smiting the hell out of things.
* Eventually destroying all his creation and sentancing many people in it to everlasting torment.

Frankly, most people's idea of God impresses me as someone who is highly insecure, emotionally stunted,unable to experience intimacy, and in desperate need of praise and recognition - and prone to violent outbursts.

I suspect that it's not that God made us in our own image. It's that many people are making him in theirs.

By DragonScholar (not verified) on 08 Aug 2006 #permalink

"Levin seriously thinks that God is so mad at gay people that he is controlling the minds of other people to kill still another group of people who have nothing to do with the gay people he's mad at"

Doesn't sound much more barbaric to me than most of the Old Testament. What the hell did Lot's wife and daughters do to deserve their treatment?

By Ginger Yellow (not verified) on 08 Aug 2006 #permalink

The people of Jerusalem should bear in mind what happened to the people of Daver, Pennsylvania, when (according to Pat Robertson) they rejected God by voting out Creationist school board members--Dover has been experiencing several weeks of very warm weather.