Orrin Hatch and Rev. Moon

The indispensible John Gorenfeld has another great post at Talk to Action about the Rev. Moon and his close ties to social conservatives, in this case Utah Senator Orrin Hatch. Those ties go much deeper than you might expect. He includes video footage of Hatch praising Moon and his wife and details on Hatch writing a song for a Moonie project designed to eliminate the cross as a religious symbol and replace it with the Crown of Glory, the very symbol he was given in a ceremony in a Senate office building a few years ago. Before that ceremony took place, there was an earlier ceremony in February of 2004, where Moon's son, Preston, picked up a crown for his father. A Moon minister declared at the time:

"One unique dimension was the debuting of a special song called the "Jerusalem Peace Song", inspired by our Middle East Peace Initiative and authored by US Senator Orrin Hatch, Utah Senator Howard Stephenson and others. The performers of the song were quite inspired to reflect the spirit of reconciliation among the children of Abraham."

It is one of Moon's major projects to unite all religions under his rule, and doing away with the cross is one of the ways he intends to do that. If you want to see more information on Moon's Take Down The Cross campaign, see this article by Gorenfeld. If this doesn't convince the religious right to stop associating with Moon, nothing will.


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John Gorenfeld has a video blog up at Talk to Action showing scenes from the Rev. Moon's 1996 world tour with former President George HW Bush. It shows footage of a banquet hosted by a sycophantic Pat Boone kissing up to this leader of a decidedly anti-Christian cult, and it shows a Moon conference…

I think this is another great example of how the real issue is not about religion when it comes to social conservatives. If it were, they would rightly dissociate themselves from Moon, whose pronouncements fall pretty obviously under the "false prophet" rule. As such, their association with Moon has everything to do with politics and power--nothing new, really, but for sure it's not about the religion.

By ThomasHobbes (not verified) on 02 Oct 2006 #permalink

Moon has always been my choice for the real-life Nehemiah Scuder.

By Jim Ramsey (not verified) on 02 Oct 2006 #permalink

Indeed, those conservatives ought to be asked if they believe True Father to be the New Messiah. And I sure Jews and Muslims will be delighted to serve under the Crown of Rev. Moon.

Jim Ramsey - So, I take it that the Revolt In 2100 is still on?

Site Beulah, Reporting In!

J-Dog --- Well, "If this goes on...".

By Jim Ramsey (not verified) on 02 Oct 2006 #permalink

This not only shows the seediness of some conservative leaders, its shows the ignorance of the evangelical community. They didn't flinch when this self-proclaimed Christ-Messiah was crowned, the True Father of humanity, in our Senate building. They don't care that his influence seeps into our lives daily, via the Washington Times and through many of his other influential enterprises. What kind of principles do these (so call) Christian people live by?