The Wit and Wisdom of Curt Weldon

Rep. Curt Weldon is one of the more entertaining loonies in Congress. For sheer entertainment value, he ranks up there with James Traficant and B-1 Bob Dornin (and I really miss both of those guys). This is the guy who was deeply involved in the ceremony that crowned the Rev. Moon in a Senate office building a few years ago, but he initially denied it. When asked about it, his spokesman said, "What? Don't know what you're talking about, he wasn't there." When a videotape showed up of him actually giving a speech at the event and embracing Moon, the story changed just a bit.

This is also the guy who, a few months ago, had scheduled a secret trip to Iraq, unknown even to the White House, where he and another guy were going to dig up those WMD themselves because he knew right where they were. When it comes to bringing the crazy, this guy is in Katherine Harris territory. But now, he's in a bit of trouble. It seems he's been funneling business to his daughter's political consulting firm illegally, to the tune of about a million dollars, and the FBI has caught up to him. They raided his daughter's offices and home the other day and have a grand jury convened to hand down indictments. And his response has been to blame it all on the "liberal machine". Because as everyone knows, the FBI is full of liberals. You can't throw a chicken in Quantico without hitting an SDS member.

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Glad to know my district provides amusement to the masses.


Hopefully we'll have a competent Representative after November 7th.

"You can't throw a chicken in Quantico without hitting an SDS member."


PS. I live near Quantico. It is a hotbed of liberal skullduggery.

Isn't the phrase "throw a chickenhawk"?

Well, don't forget that there is also a large Marine Corps base in Quantico, so some of the more radical liberals are probably USMC. The way I always tell them apart - the longhaired hippy types are Marines, the ones wearing the trenchcoats like Mulder and Scully are Feebies.

Hmm, maybe that's his problem, he thought the X-files was a documentary, and that the FBI is full of conspiracy nuts who will chase after something with only the flimsiest of evidence that doesn't make sense?

All kidding aside (and my brother would kill me if he knew I were even joking about the Corps being a hotbed of liberalism), there probably aren't too many chickenhawks in that town. As conservative as they as stereotyped to be, I wouldn't consider FBI types to be chickenhawks. But, that's getting into semantics. The joke is still good.