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Funny Thing Two and Funny Thing Three....

Second funny thing: BFF Stephanie and I were working in the free weight area of the Kimberly gym one evening. There were a lot of people there. Then these two meaty looking guys came in and tossed a big rubber thingie on a bench. One of the guys then proceeded to unpack the rubber thingie, and it was some kind of shirt or jacket, much like (yet different from) a wet suit. So Guy One starts to put the jacket thing on, and Guy Two is helping him, but it seems to be several sizes too small.

Photo by Flickr user Sum_of_Marc.

These two guys struggled and struggled and struggled to get this rubber shirt onto Guy One. The two of them were pulling on it, grunting, groaning, yanking, shoving, and generally working up a great sweat. Finally, the somewhat fattish but muscular upper torso of Guy One was totally encased in this suit so he could hardly move. Guy Two helped him lay down on his back on one of the benches, and he put a bar across the stand that was attached to the bench. He then proceeded to carry free weights over to the bar and slide them on. I don't know how much weight he put on there, but it was a fairly large amount. Not more than I'd ever seen anyone lift, but more than most people can lift. Then Guy Two got into spotting position, and Guy One put his hands up to the bar and pushed it off the stand.

The bar bell with the massive weights on each end was suspended, wobbling a bit, over Guy One, who was wearing the rubber suit. Guy One dropped the weight fairly quickly to his chest, then pushed it all the way back up with a huge ejaculation of sound. Guy Two grabbed the bar and helped Guy One position it back onto the stand.

One rep.

Then, for the next ten minutes, Guy Two helped Guy One get the rubber shirt off. Grunt, groan, push, shove, pull, snap. Finally it came off. And they left.

Made me laugh.

Funny story three: This is not really a funny story, but rather, a bald faced exploitation of the fact that you are reading this for the purpose of me showing off.

This was the same day as the Adventure of the Rubber Shirted Man. I wanted to do a leg press at what was my maximum capacity at the time I had left the states to see if I could still do it. That was 800 pounds. There was a leg press machine very much like the one I used at the gym back home. So I started out by counting out 300 and loading that up on the machine. I tried that and it seemed a lot harder than I expected it to be, so I decided to not try for the 800. I put 200 more on the machine, to make it an even 500 (plus the unknown weight of the carriage, usually about 50 pounds).

I pressed the 500 about 12 times. It was very very hard, but I did it. Normally, I would do 500 pounds at 30 reps or more. So this was something of a disappointment.

Until I went to remove the weights from the machine. Something didn't seem right. I realized I was holding a weight that was labeled with one number but seemed to be the wrong size.

It was then that I realized what I had done. I had just leg pressed 500 kilos. 1,100 pounds.

I had a couple of muscles hurting the next day. And a couple of years later, when NASA crashed that space ship because they messed up the units of measurement, I didn't say much about it....

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Am loving these fit to fat to fit posts! Keep 'em coming, I am inspired. :)

By ctenotrish (not verified) on 08 Apr 2011 #permalink

Nothing funny about Guy One working on his 1 rep maximum; the rubber shirt, however - is definitely a twist I hadn't heard of...

By starskeptic (not verified) on 08 Apr 2011 #permalink

The 'rubber shirt' is a bench shirt, which among other specialist clothing for powerlifting, utilizes the elastic properties of the shirt to store energy during the eccentric phase of the lift and make it available during the concentric phase.

Additionally, this quite a large body of evidence demonstrating that single reps and/or single sets can be beneficial to maintaining and developing strength.

The first story sounds like a Saturday Night Live skit! Was this Kimberly in Zimbabwe?
The second story had me rolling on the floor laughing! Glad you didn't hurt yourself!