FlexBook. Create your own free textbook.

I previously talked about textbooks and how there is clearly a problem. The CK-12 Foundation is trying to do something about this problem with the flexbook. Basically, the flexbook allows teachers to create their own text by combining different free content. You can customize a book that closely meets the needs of the class.

I think this is a great step in the right direction. One problem that immediately popped into my head was "how would a high school teacher get this approved?" Someone at the conference (he didn't have a name badge on) said "well, I am old enough, I just do whatever I want". Unfortunately, this is the problem. I am afraid there are too many younger teachers out there that can't just do what they think is best.

I, for one, tend to fully support our new flexbook overlords. I need to contact them about moving into college material also.

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