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Maybe you have already seen an announcement, or maybe this is the first time you heard that wired.com is starting a new science blogs section. Oh yeah, and they invited me to join. So, I did.

This brings a couple of important notes.

First, this will obviously be my last post at scienceblogs.com. You might want to change your blogroll and rss reader to the new address:


And RSS feed at http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/category/dot-physics/feed

Note that other than the address and different banner, everything will pretty much be the same.

Second, I would really like to thank ScienceBlogs for the opportunity to be a part of such a nice group of bloggers. Really, I have learned a lot. Also, I want to be clear that I have no problems with ScienceBlogs. Why move then? I think that being at wired.com will give me different opportunities. One of my goals as a blogger is to bring the cool stuff in physics to lots of people. ScienceBlogs is great, but it seems like it is aimed more towards a science audience than wired.com.

Anyway, I am pumped up about the move. Hopefully, I will see you over there. I assume there will be some sort of official announcement at wired.com/wiredscience.


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From an extremely selfish standpoint I'm kind of sorry to see you go. My first experience with your new home (a minute ago) was to have one of those annoying ads that cover your article pop up. The kind I'm almost afraid to click on the "X" to close since they often aren't really a way to close the ad but are a trick to allow the software to trick my browser into doing something I don't want.

You'll get more coverage, but it will be at the expense of an even more commercialized site.

From a non selfish viewpoint, I think it's great that a wider audience will now be able exposed to your ideas! I look forward to more great posts.

Is there an RSS feed for just Dot Physics? I see the RSS feed for all of Wired Science and I see the Dot Physics page, but don't see a Dot Physics RSS feed. I seriously doubt that I'll subscribe to the general Wired Science RSS feed to sort through and find your stuff (which I find fascinating! The other Wired Science stuff so far, not so much) so that'll definitely be one area of descreased reach instead of inscreased.

Also hate blogs that force you to sign-in in order to comment.. but c'est la vie; that I can get past.

@Rhett - Thanks! I tried a number of possibilities but not that one!

I'm not happy that I'd have to register an account w/ wired in order to leave a comment on your blog now, but I wish you well nonetheless.




the ungrateful bastards full of hubris...


a bullet for your head, traitor

And finally, the *only* man in Minnesota who says there is no God has suddenly become an arbiter on mental health...