The 12 RePosts of Christmas


The daylight grows short

Blogging time is scarce for now

Repost is now here

I am ready. Bring on the comments about the proper way to write a haiku. Of course, I should warn you that I am technically a professional Haikuer - here is my winning entry to ThinkGeek's haiku contest


Here is the deal. I am going to pick 12 posts from my old stuff and post 1 a day for 12 days (hopefully). Yes, technically, this is not the 12 days of Christmas. Also, I have some other stuff that I am working on, so don't worry - it is not ONLY reposts in the next twelve days.

Anyway, I figure some of you have either never seen this stuff, or you forgot about it. Sometimes I read my own stuff that is old and think "who wrote this?".

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