Change of plans

Austria seems like a nice place to visit - I have never been there. However, I am not going to Salzburg (even though I said I was). The original plan was for WOMWorld/Noika to fly me to visit Felix and the Red Bull Stratos team. It was an exciting plan.

Now there is a new plan. The new plan is for me to instead go to the ACTUAL Red Bull Stratos Jump. I know it is not Salzburg, but in my mind this is a huge upgrade.

Ok, I can't help it. This is the first thing that came to my mind.


Me: But I thought I was going to Austria. We had a deal.

WOMWorld/Nokia: I am altering the deal. Pray I do not alter it further.

NOTE: It is totally not like this. WOMWorld/Nokia did not alter the deal, they gave me a choice. Clearly, the best opportunity is to go and actually see the Stratos jump. I am so pumped up about this event.

More Stratos News

The Stratos jump time is coming soon. Are are some notes:

  • First, there is a ton of stuff at the Red Bull Stratos website
  • It looks there are going to be a ton of cameras for this whole jump thing. Suit cameras, capsule cameras - and in HD.
  • There will be a live Red Bull Stratos broadcast and webcast. You can find details on the Stratos page
  • After the jump, there will be a Red Bull Stratos documentary produced by BBC and National Geographic.
  • Oh. If you want to look at all my old Stratos posts, here they are.

That is it for now - I will keep you updated (obviously).


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