Medblog Awards. Voting time.

i-4f5010d564cf7219377b4f5429a80bd4-award_lr.gifEffect Measure is pleased to say we have been nominated in two categories for a Medblog award. The good folks over at Medgadget have established these awards for the best of the medical blogosphere and we were nominated for Best Medical Weblog 2006 and Best Health Policies/Ethics Weblog 2006. There are some truly outstanding blogs in the various categories, including several of my SciBlings (Respectful Insolence, Aetiology, The Examining Room of Dr. Charles, and GrrlScientist (now renamed Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted)).

Voting for your favorite blog is an easy way to show support for bloggers. Assuming you think we deserve support, that is. It would be wonderful to win one of the awards but that's not why we do this. The problem is we don't know why we do it, anymore. But that's a question for some mental health professional, I guess.

Meanwhile, you can slip us some psychoactive links by voting via a click of the button. Here are the links for Best Medical Weblog 2006 and for Best Health Policies/Ethics Weblog 2006. Voting closes at midnight (PST) on January 14.

And thanks.


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Being a formner resident of Chicago all I can say is vote early and often. Good Luck and thanks for sharing your knowledge.

By SCW AZ Gilmore (not verified) on 05 Jan 2007 #permalink

You got my vote for each. Good luck!

You sure get my 2 votes!!

Bon Chance!

Voted - good luck