Afghanistan: one bullet

War can take and spoil lives in many ways. The killing doesn't stop when the war is over or a combat role is ended. This year again has seen record suicide rates for the US military, but one can assume the same is true for those fighting on the other side and for the millions of civilians caught up in it. This song by Canadian singer-songwriter Garnet Rogers is not about Afghanistan or Iraq or Vietnam. It could be about any war. And one bullet:

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Beautiful! I'll be seeing Garnet perform in mid-January. Can't wait.

Too bad that his Afghanistan song isn't available on Youtube.

The photos in this montage are all from the U.S. Civil War.

The vast majority of casualties and deaths among soldiers during this war -- and virtually all wars those that preceded it and many of those that that followed --- died from infectious and vector-borne diseases like typhus, cholera, dysentery, smallpox, malaria and yellow fever -- not from combat injuries like those shown in these pictures.

Modern medicines, vaccines and antibiotics have made the waging of war much safer for combatants --

By elephantman (not verified) on 30 Dec 2009 #permalink

elephantman: Yes, I know. The song actually is about the Battle of Gettysburg. But it could have been almost any war. We save 'em now but throw them away when we get them back. And the civilians suffer more than 19th century wars. Have wars gotten kinder? Less lethal? Maybe.