SI/USGS Weekly Volcano Activity Report for 8/12-18/2009

Busy today with scouting out some field location for the class I'll be teaching this fall. Here's this week's USGS/SI Weekly Volcano Report. The report is a little more eventful than last week's, so enjoy!


Kliuchevskoi Volcano in Kamchatka, taken summer of 2009 by Theresa Kayzar.

Highlights include:

  • Three volcanoes on the Kamchatka Peninsula are currently producing ash plumes: Kliuchevskoi, Koryaksky and Shiveluch. Shiveluch has been having the most intense eruptions, but the former two are both producing ash-and-steam plumes that reach over 3 km / 10,000 feet.
  • Talang in Indonesia saws its warning level raised from 2 to 3, with a 3-km exclusion zone set to prevent tourists from getting too close.
  • Minor amounts of ash were produced by Popocatépetl, near Mexico City.
  • It seems that Pagan in the Mariana Islands had a brief eruption, as satellite observations detected a 2-hour-long "thermal anomaly" last week.
  • Reventador in Ecuador produced a new lava flow that was accompanied by seismic tremors, volcanic bombs and ash plumes.

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Theresa Kayzar took a great picture of that volcano.

I am guessing she was high up on another volcano - yet below the tree line. The clouds curling around the volcano near ground level - it just makes for a great, very unique volcano picture.

By Thomas Donlon (not verified) on 19 Aug 2009 #permalink

[OT] So which volcano won the Volcano Profile Poll?

I voted Karymsky because the Kamchatcka peninsula looks so beautiful - like in that photo above. :)

By MadScientist (not verified) on 23 Aug 2009 #permalink