Mystery Volcano Photo #7

Today's a busy Monday with not much volcano news, so here's a new Mystery Volcano Photo.

MVP Standings:
volcanista - 1
Elizabeth - 1
Ralph - 1
Cam - 1
Gijs - 1
Anne - 1


Good luck!

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Arenal, in Costa Rica?

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colima, mexico

By robert somerville (not verified) on 05 Oct 2009 #permalink

Could be Arenal, lets go with that.

OK, I have to apologize for this one. I meant it to be another picture but somehow posted the Arenal shot. So, congrats to gg. I'll be posting another picture that isn't so easy later today.

Oh, come on. I love flowers, what can I say?

That is the lovely Arenal volcano in Costa Rica. I'v just returned from there. What a great place to visit!

Definitely Arenal, though the active cone seems to have grown a bit since I was last there.