A real Mystery Volcano Photo ...

So I was browsing around for a new MVP and I stumbled across the following image:


It is a stunning image, capturing this stratocone filling in what might be an old caldera. The problem is, well, I have no idea what volcano this is and the page I found it on (some random wallpaper site) had no information on the image whatsoever. I'm guessing it might be somewhere in Alaska or Kamchatka ... but not sure at all?

So, now, all you volcano-image experts can use your powers for good. Any idea where this image was taken and what volcano(es) are in it? Ideally, if you can find a corroborating image, that would would be great. Enjoy!

Oh yes, the current MVP standings:
Don Crain - 2
gijs - 2
The Bobs - 2
Boris Behncke - 2
volcanista - 1
Lockwood - 1
Elizabeth - 1
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Cam - 1
gg - 1
Damon Hynes - 1

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it is Karymsky with Akademia Nauk in the back

Doh! Beaten to the punch! Karymsky for sure - it's really easy to see on Google Earth.

Wow, nice job Marco ... it sure is Karymsky. I was able to find the image with actual info linking it to Karymsky after you suggested it: http://www.wildlifearchives.com/index.php?post/2007/02/26/20-karymsky-k…

I have to admit, I've never seen an image of Karymsky taken from this angle that shows the stark lavas against the green landscape of the Kamchatka Peninsula. I'm glad I found it (and glad Marco could identify it for me!)

do u have any about in the time period july

I think that may be the most beautiful volcano image I have ever seen, and it doesn't even have a river in it! Is that another smoking volcano I see in the background?

Ach whit a scunner! (as I'd have said when I was growing up) The first MVP I recognised straight away, and I was offline when it was posted. It is certainly a stunning image, though.

That one was easy.

By Chance Metz (not verified) on 01 Dec 2009 #permalink

Erik, I suggest that you solicit photos from the readers for the next MVP. Maybe someone has some real tricky ones in their collection.

I just sent you one Erik, which I hope is tricky enough. I included a hint, a second picture which is nearly as tricky, and the spoiler info.


This is one of the most beautiful pictures of a volcano I have seen. It is so symetrical and the lava flows are so beautiful. It is rare you can see something like this. Thank you, Erik, for posting it.

I showed it to my DH and he thought Kamchatka right away, though he didn't know which volcano.

The image looks like it's been Photoshop enhanced.