The perfect holiday gift for certain occasions

Looking for that perfect gift for the geophile in your life?

How about a VOLCANO THAT ERUPTS A DINOSAUR. Honestly, could it get any better?


When I saw this in the store, I was a little dumbfounded ... but really, it just makes sense.

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Oddly, the front of the box says for ages 3+ ... ah, product safety!

PROOF that dinosaurs did not evolve.
Instead, they were created by volcanoes!

They had these on sale at the Circle K on the corner of 15th and Monroe for months. I think they sold 2 of them. I thought about buying one for some sort of stupid geoblogosphere contest, with a silly "secret prize." Then they put them up for sale at a remaindered price and were gone.

I could kick myself.

Wow! That dinosaur requires almost as much care as tropical fish. Is anyone else here thinking of "20 Million Miles to Earth" (1957)? :-)

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