SI/USGS Weekly Volcano Report for 12/9-12/16/2009

Before it gets lost in the mists of time/finals, here is the weekly volcano report brought to us by the USGS and the Smithsonian Global Volcanism Program.

Highlights (not including Mayon, Soufriere Hills or Piton de La Fournaise):

  • Fuego in Guatemala produced ash plumes that reached 4.1-4.7 km / 13,500-15,400 ft along with avalanches of volcaniclastic debris.
  • Also in Guatemala, lava flows erupted from Pacaya, traveling hundreds of meters from the main vent area.
  • Manam in PNG produced an 3 km / 10,000 foot ash plume as part of its renewed activity this year.
  • The lava dome on Nevado del Huila in Colombia continues to glow - and produce significant ash, one with a plume that reached 7 km / 23,000 feet.

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Manam is still active... that's interesting, I wonder if that eruption that wasn't at Karkar was actually from Manam. They are not too far apart but I have no idea how the VAA reports are created.. visual observation by pilots might result in that kind of error I guess.

By bruce stout (not verified) on 17 Dec 2009 #permalink

West Mata volcano, an active seamount whose summit lies approximately 1100 m below sea-level, was explored during a Vents Program cruise in May 2009, and I think two photos and two little video clips were released at the time. The volcano was seen in vigorous eruptive (effusive and explosive) activity. Now more, and extremely high-resolution video and photographic material has been released, which you can download at the Vents Program web site (movie files up to 1 GB ... !!!)

I know I'm a little late in adding my comments but this particular blog post made me think. It was an engrossing piece. I have become a returning reader of your site since I came across your site a while back. I can't say that I agree with everything you stated but it was emphatically fascinating! I will be back again soon.