Open letter to CNN

You all need to email bomb CNN.

My HIV Denier boyfriend, Leonard 'CALL ME DOCTOR OR IM HANGING UP' Horowitz was scheduled to be on CNN earlier this week (he got bumped, but still).

How did he receive such an honor with his flat, man-like, boobless chest??

Turns out Obamas choice of crazy sky-god-medium, Rev Wright, is a HUGE fan of Horowitzs, and has had no problem spitting in the face of every HIV researcher on the planet.

MODERATOR: In your sermon, you said the government lied about inventing the HIV virus as a means of genocide against people of color. So I ask you: Do you honestly believe your statement and those words?

REVEREND WRIGHT: Have you read Horowitz's book, "Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola," whoever wrote that question? Have you read "Medical Apartheid"? You've read it?

Well, God-Whisperer-Wright, Ive read it. Its on my bosses bookshelf in the office. It reads as if it was edited by Denyse O'Leary, and its science is nonsensical. Ive read Lennys kook paper too. Same thing.

Whatever. Ohhh! A reverend acting like an idiot! Stop the presses!... Except Wright is *Obamas* idiot reverend, so Horowitz gets to cash in.

So, here is my open letter to CNN:

Hai, CNN!

My name is Abbie. I would be happy to 'debate' Horowitz for a show on this topic, or put you into contact with people infinitely more qualified than myself (some who even has boobages, like myself. unlike Lenny. just sayin.) Or, you know, you could devote that time to a neat science story instead. Or maybe, like, reporting the news, instead of being a 24 hour TMZ. But if your desire to speak with Lenny is simply insatiable, I will be happy to provide the necessary boobs for such a heady discussion to occur on your crappy news station.

Your friend,

PS-- I mean seriously, who watches the news anymore? Lame. You all are a joke. Forget Lenny, get a damn investigative journalist and a blog. Get with the times, CNN.

HIV Denier gets on CNN cause Rev Wright likes 'em. YAY JOURNALISM!

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Horowitz is a quack filled nut bomb. I listened to your debate with him on The infidel guy. Well I say debate but it was more like one hour of him taking the Gish Gallop to a whole new level of crazy. The logical fallacies and factual inaccuracies where rampant. He is a kook out to make a buck. Anyone who cares should just check his website. Magic water and happy thoughts will cure your AIDS.

I hope he chokes on his own bullshit.

News is a business. Sensationalism drives up ratings and makes more money. The public at large basically gets what it deserves. CNN isn't real news anymore. This is just another excellent example of that.

By the way, I like you blog, but I love LOLCats, and dogs, and LOLLost :)

clearly he has a really nice rack hiding under the phony lab he'll almost definitely wear to make himself look like a real scientist.
I love how wright is all over the news but the freaks endorsing mccain? their brand of insanity doesn't count...

It would be a nice change but isn't Intelligent Television an oxymoron ? Unless it's not commercial (very rare)

I couldn't even listen to that "debate" with him on the infidel guy. I don't really like anyone whose debate tactic is "I WILL RAISE MY VOICE".

Never heard of this particular Horowitz before. What a doosh.

Based upon conversations with family members, I'm getting the feeling that the Internet is spreading pseudoscience more effectively than accurate information.

Yeah, if I'm gonna listen to Horowitz its gonna be Vladmir Horowitz...does a good job with the Russian Romantic composers piano concerti

It reads as if it was edited by Denyse O'Leary...


I heard you tear him a new one on the Infidel Guy. I particularly liked his apoplectic outrage when you started leading him down his own money trail.

I was googling for "boobages + ERVs". I found your blog. Great.

By Alejandro (not verified) on 07 May 2008 #permalink

Ok, I'm at a lost, what's the deal with the reference to boobies? I refuse to listen to this tool.

By Richard Wolford (not verified) on 07 May 2008 #permalink

@12-- Its just a constant joke Ive had witn CNN since they bumped a story on atheism for 'OMFGANNANICHOLEIZDEADZ!' Like thats news. Ugh.

I was actually enjoying the iconoclasm of Wright's speech until he got to Horowitz. Then not so much.

The only thing worth watching on cable news is Countdown. I might watch Dan Abrams' or David Gregory's shows to hear what Rachel Maddow has to say. But beyond Keith and Rachel, there's really no reason for cable news.

A televised debate does sound good, if the moderator remains impartial and fair. I'd personally love to get students ripping IDiots new ones televised all over the place. Record it and place it on youtube too, spread the word every way possible. Not that the news groups would bother to let someone without "credentials" onto their show for a debate, but it would be nice if it happened.

By Felstatsu (not verified) on 07 May 2008 #permalink

Ok, so then it's a CNN related joke and not a Horo(no)witz joke. I too about laughed my a$$ off when I saw the insane coverage on CNN re: Anna's death. I even blogged a few updates, mostly of "This just in, she's still dead". And the boobies weren't even real, so what was the whole fuss about? Well, this is from the network with Glen B(p)eck(er) and Nancy Grace, so I shouldn't have been that surprised.

By Richard Wolford (not verified) on 07 May 2008 #permalink

Based upon conversations with family members, I'm getting the feeling that the Internet is spreading pseudoscience more effectively than accurate information.

Funnily enough, that's one of the criticisms traditional news media often lobs at internet bloggers: "Anyone can post any old nonsense on the interwebs, we have journalistic standards." Then CNN asks an AIDS denier to be on their program and we have to rely on a grad student blogger to get the real facts.

That by no means is a knock against Abbie, but I think it illustrates just how badly our traditional media is failing us. They aren't merely increasingly irrelevant, but have actually crossed the line into doing harm by promoting false ideas to a credulous population.

H.H. is dead on right; the media and their continuing lack of integrity in journalism is one of our major downfalls. There is no discussion re: these issues with informed people, but rather with people who simply like to believe they are informed. They are given an open forum to spout nonsense and no one is there to provide checks and balances. Faux News had a meteorologist on their show to criticize global warming; that's right, a guy who can read a single type of graph is debating data analysis. And the counter? Oh, they had a quote from some dude saying global warming was real, but of course he wasn't there or anything. I mean, why would he be, he was just a freakin' PhD in Climatology who happened to work for NASA. What would he know, right?

By Richard Wolford (not verified) on 07 May 2008 #permalink

"My HIV Denier boyfriend, Leonard "

Dang. So there's no chance for this 50-year old, eh?
Anyway, just ran into your blog last week and am addicted. If you need any grad school help, just ask.

Oh, btw, This just in . . . AnnaNichole is still dead.

"Just in case anyone in this thread is new to the internet."

Actually, this is what I call news. If we had more of the preceding rather than celebrity cookies and HIV deniers, I might not hate the mainstream media so much.

Speaking as a former news reporter, Abby, any network that employs Glenn Beck, Nancy Grace, and Lou Dobbs is almost as bad as one that employs Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly. And other than Keith Olbermann, MSNBC kinda sucks, too.

And the boobies weren't even real

Supernatural boobies? ... oh, wrong thread.

HIV deniers takes filth to new low places.

By Torbj�rn Lar… (not verified) on 07 May 2008 #permalink

Speaking of boyfriends, have you ever met any creationist guys you thought were really hot? I mean, there is no law that says a creationist can't be just really handsome, even if he is scientifically ignorant.

What do you think of the idea of dating a creationist? Would it work out between you and a creationist boyfriend?

By Richard Kilgore (not verified) on 07 May 2008 #permalink

The only news I ever watch on TV is from the BBC. It sickens me, on domestic news shows I get news stories like "trying to sell your home? Have you tried prayer?", then I turn to the BBC and find out how bad the global food situation is becoming.

I'm not joking, by the way, I really did see a promotion for an upcoming domestic news show that featured a story about people using prayer to sell their homes.

@25 Posted by Richard Kilgore: Speaking of boyfriends, have you ever met any creationist guys you thought were really hot? I mean, there is no law that says a creationist can't be just really handsome, even if he is scientifically ignorant.

What do you think of the idea of dating a creationist? Would it work out between you and a creationist boyfriend?

Hey, did you miss that rap ditty thing recently? "If you don't know Darwin, you don't know Dick", Dick. Holding your breath is entirely optional. Just don't get your hopes up too high, is my advice.

Abbie, you were much funnier when you were at blogspot... What happened, did you grow up? Nooooooo we want the old lolzeecat back?

Imagine my surprise when I opened up this months 'Discover' magazine (a gift subscription, by the way) to see a major article on Peter Duesenberg, portraying him as a 'victim'...

Couldn't read past the opening paragraph...

@29-- Oh my god.

I got my issue last night, but hadnt opened it yet.

I will be noming this article, as will Arnie.


Im only attracted to transexuals who arent closet cases, so no. Not attracted to Creationists.

This from the link.....
WTF?? I thought this guy was a veterinarian. What the hell would he know about HIV considering the first letter stands for Human.

By Barklikeadog (not verified) on 08 May 2008 #permalink

I still don't know how to insert right. What was left out in my previous post was this comment.

"Dr. Horowitz is THE foremost researcher on AIDS"

Has he actually researched HIV?? or is he just pretending to know what he's talking about?

By Barklikeadog (not verified) on 08 May 2008 #permalink