I, Robot...You, Jane

I had planned on letting a long rant loose on these assholes.

Statler and Waldorf John and George are still bitching about me. 'Me' being their magnificently crafted straw-man/ad hominem chimera. But their comments have reached such a fantastic level of meta-fail (and Ive only watched 12 minutes of their second bitch-fest) I cant help but think that this has to be a joke.

I mean, from Georges Dembski-esque not-pology, to John bitching about how depression and anxiety disorders are 'made up' by scientists, to the extreme meta-fail regarding scientists trumpeting their own research (hint: chastising a scientist for trumpeting her research into woo-woo-land was THE POINT of the post of mine George bitched about), this 'debate' is a complete joke.

And its clear that John and George have little, if any, interest in an actual dialog with me, or anyone from the blag revolution. Theres no point in a rant.

So Im just going to wrap up this topic by going back to the original discussion between me and Ed. Cause it turns out this exchange was prophesied by Our Lord and Savior Joss Whedon over a decade ago:

This isn't a fad, George. We are creating a new society here.


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We are creating a new society here.

A somewhat limited society so long as your videos cannot be viewed by 95% of the world's population ...

By Scott Belyea (not verified) on 08 Jan 2009 #permalink

That embedded Joss Whedon video comes up with the message

"We're sorry, currently our video library can only be streamlined within the United States [...]"

...at least to the 19 out of 20 people not in the US ;-)

Buffy needs to be shared with the whole world!!!

Find me an international Buffy streaming site and Ill put it up too!!!!

Damnit, is the video on YouTube?

By The Chimp's Ra… (not verified) on 08 Jan 2009 #permalink

Dembski-esque not-pology


John bitching about how depression and anxiety disorders are 'made up' by scientists

They can go fuck themselves. I can't wait till y'all PWN them yet again.