Oklahomans for more gooder science learnin

Behold, the doppelganger Oklahomans for Excellence in Science Education:
Oklahomans for Better Science Education

"Excellence? Nooo! Kids dont need no 'excellence'. They just need dem some more gooder science learnin! Hell, the president of OBSE is a Director of Accounting Applications, and him aint need no 'excellent' science learnin! 2+2=4! Thats all the science does kids needs! Quality calculator machines and a Bible! That be better science education!"


I just found out this OBSE tool shed existed because theyre 'helping' the Trinity Baptist cult bring the Dukes of TARD to OU.


Good for them, man, good for them. heeeeeeehehehe!

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That's one unfortunate acronym. Might as well just be OBeSE.

Texas Citizens for Science has doppelganger, too: Texans for Better Science Education. Hey, I see a pattern! Complete with Darwin quote-mine and "Happy Birthday President Lincoln!" conspicuously slighting the other birthday boy.

Methinks the Texans for Better Science Education could use the services of the Texans for Better Webpage Design. And why the frick is the Mona Lisa in their banner along with all he other vaguely science-y stuff?

By Copper Nanotube (not verified) on 17 Feb 2009 #permalink

Aren't 'em Dukes of Tard 'ere already? And we be pwning 'em this Friday.
You are grossly overestimating their calculation abilities. The earth is just 6000 years old remember?
Carbon dating be wrong. God be right! Prez da Lawwwd!

Abbie - You need to do a qwuick print-out and check-off of West and Luskin's "talking" points. They are actually "lying" points as we know, but making them cry in front of their adoring fans will make the time spent doing the research worth it.

ps: Please get a picture of Casey with his mascara running from his tears.


Your In Darwin,


Actually the OBSE has been inactive for about three years. They ran one workshop for teachers in the Olivet Baptist Church in OKC several years ago with few teachers attending (mostly their own Board members). OESE had a person there to report on their 'workshop' which was mostly a lecture on the Canmbrian explosion and similar creationist icons by a then faculty member at Oklahoma Baptist University. This same faculty member appeared each year to talk to the OU IDEA club, again mostly on the Cambrian explosion. He is now gone (fired?) and is at the creationist Biola University (formerly Bible Institute of Los Angeles).

The Olivet Baptist Church Pastor, BTW, is the spouse of Silly Sally Kern. I had the pleasure three years ago of appearing on a radio program in OKC with their current President. He had just attended a creationist conference in Florida and kept flipping through his notes to find responses to my comments. Their web site has not changed in quite a long time. Yes, most would say 'excellence' always tops 'better.'

By vhutchison (not verified) on 17 Feb 2009 #permalink

What a pathetic organization, OBSE. The saddest part is that there are a handful of high school science teachers on its Board of Directors. What a waste that students have Creationist teachers in biology classes! And I'd be willing to bet those fudpuckers don't "teach the controversy" or present a "balance" in their classes.

"Critical thinking" is a code word for apologetics. It's effective among those (many) who can't distinguish science from apologetics.

OBSE says

"When such debates are disallowed, students are more likely to be indoctrinated in an exclusive philosophical claim rather than to be freely educated in science."

That is true. I noted a marked lack of spells in my high school chemistry class. We didn't even try to make a homonoculus or a golem or nuthin. What, after all, good is euclidean geometry without a little foray into voodoo doll theory or a discussion of the physics of transubstantiation.

I resent missing the opportunity to become a well rounded person.

I note there is not a single class offered at the University History Department in holocaust denial and the Political Science department has decided to skip New World Order, Zionist Occupation Government and Illuminati studies....again!

Geology is ignoring the healing power of crystals, Astronomy refuses to give me my love signs for this month and Zoology has no slated expeditions for the capture of the Smithville Skunk Ape.

And you call yourselves educated.

*Dons foil hat*

*Hides in bunker*

By Prometheus (not verified) on 18 Feb 2009 #permalink

Oh wait strike that previous comment. Even the so called PBS video is a creationist video. Make zero recommended videos that actually argue origins from peer reviewed, tested, published science. It's all ID crap.

I just fired off this email to them:



I'm curious why your film page only recommends ID videos. Your
organization seems to be for teaching "both sides" but your films
section only presents one side. Why didn't you list:


And since your ID films criticize the limits of "darwinism", you
should also, to be fair, present a film that demonstrates the limits
of ID:


I hope you can correct your obvious bias.


Was J-Dog suggesting a round or two of Bullshit Bingo?

Become more aware of what parents want their students to know about controversial topics in science. For example, in a recent national Zogby poll, 71% stated their support for teaching evidence both for and against Darwin's theory of evolution.

And 100 percent of that 71 percent are fucking dipshits who, if asked to supply any of that "evidence against," would only start working their mouths in troutlike fashion.

The assholes who slapped this wreck of a site together do not even realize that the NY Times article they link to completely undermines their entire "case." And come to think of it, making a PDF of a Times article for posting on one's own site is probably copyright violation. Fucking nincomfucks.

By Crack Pipe Lenny (not verified) on 20 Feb 2009 #permalink

I just clicked on that link for the "Dukes of TARD". I need to take a bath now. In kerosene.

By complex field (not verified) on 21 Feb 2009 #permalink

I just clicked on that link for the "Dukes of TARD". I need to take a bath now. In kerosene.

Wow, they quoted Darwin. And put a period where there ain't supposed to be one. They must be really "edumacated" over there.