Um, I Guess It Wouldn't Really Matter to You If I Told You I Didn't Believe in Hell?

A comment I got today. Warning! The below ranting is extremely assinine and/or stupifying!!!!!

I dare you to post this 'truth' and exposure of your criminal intentions: You, like Adolph Hitler, and like Bin-Laden's suicide pilots, have been implanted with foreign thought forms by psychiatrists, and are a puppet of the forces of ev il. Your sense of a Supreme Being has been wiped out; replaced with a self-involved, blind lust for craven power. Lost on you is the ultimate truth that responsibility for self, always including the greater good for others, is what makes us able to be tru ly great and powerful. With perversions of truth you lure spiritual beings (for that is what we really are) to their destruction. The truth that you do possess is held forth as the bait to entrap those who begin to see its worth and pursue its false hope . But in the name of help, you, little different from the psychiatrists who sap the life out of the desperate and oppressed with drugs and electroshock, would cheat (like any other criminal or psychiatrist, YOU accuse US with the term that most applies to YOU) the desperate, the oppressed and the hopelessly perverted (your fixation and glorification of the body utterly give you away as antichrist poison) like psychic vampires, are sucking away the life and implanting death. Your pathetic attempt at philosophy is recycled Neitzsch - another 'God-man' philosopher who hated life and hated God and who, with his craven writings, lured his Nazi antecedents into the utter perversion of the fragile and disgusting practice of preservation of the human body, an antichrist worship of the flesh (the BEAST). About as fruitless as using diarrhea as paint for a masterpiece canvas is the idea (already attempted in the Nazi medical experiments which arrogantly dispensed with 'mystic races.') Rotting flesh can never be made to 'live forever.' Nor is it desirable to worship the BEAST (body form that spirit merely inhabits temporarily), as our Spiritual bodies will not have to endure that trap of pain and disease that flesh actually is. Finally, it does little or no good to curse you and threaten you with hell, as plenty of others have done. A demon must be named (specifically identified with the weapon of truth) to be exorcised. A cancer must be spotted and removed with precision in order to save the healthy ti ssue (the good in our civilization). I hope and pray that those who may be already halfway sucked into your deathtrap philosophy just may benefit here from a (truly) mystic-free breath of fresh air: Dearest friend who is searching for answers, you ARE a s piritual being. There ARE people who care - POWERFUL people, filled with love and understanding. Find those people. Yes, there ARE people out to do you in and destroy you in life - but they are a small handful that you can cut out of your life and stay aw ay from. You can prosper beyond your wildest dreams just by disconnecting from them. And those HANDFUL (thank the Lord there are very few who are truly dedicated to evil) of destroyers most definitely include these neo-Marxist Zon freaks and their Nazi no nsense. Sure, you CAN have everything you want - and true, you DO have to work for it (produce) - and yes, you will surely get there by embracing honesty and uprooting dishonesty. Just don't play with this demonic psychobabble. Inspire yourself with the hope and fruit of the spirit and work to make your dreams a reality. And yes, be hardworking, ethical and honest. There IS truth and there ARE answers and I hope for you friend, that you find them. It is not necessarily a bad thing to want power and wealth. But please flourish and prosper without these criminal psychiatrists. THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE, NOT LURE YOU INTO THE ETERNAL AND FALSE TRAPS OF BODIES, LUST OF THE FLESH, AND OBSES SIONS FOR SPIRITUALLY EMPTY MATERIAL WEALTH AND FALSE AND ARROGANT PSYCHIATRIC DOMINATION OVER OTHERS.


I'm really speechless.

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Schizophrenia is not a pretty sight.

By dochocson (not verified) on 27 Jul 2006 #permalink

All one can say at that is Holy s**t! Where do you people get your trolls?

By afarensis (not verified) on 27 Jul 2006 #permalink

I couldn't finish reading this. Not because it's utter garbage (although it is) but because it is one long paragraphs. Dude...the enter button is there for a reason.

By CaptainMike (not verified) on 27 Jul 2006 #permalink

All I can say is, I hope that this was an intentional self-paradony on the part of your correspondant.

I mean, Godwin's law was invoked in the second (of many) sentences.


Is this guy a Scientologist?


commenting on this would only waste valuable web-surfing time.

great blog btw.

Shelley, as a Christian, I am deeply hurt by this rant against you (and ultimately against science), and I hope that you and your readers know that this is not representative of Christianity, or at least I hope not. The Bible teaches that Christians should be known by their love, and that "The one who does not love does not know God" (I John 4). Unfortunately this comment you cite is laced with anything but love.

While this comment may be easy to write off as being from an extremist, I am even more hurt by sentiments in it that are all too common among Christians, particularly the view that Science is a threat to Christianity. But nothing can be further from the truth. God created the universe and gave us the means to observe it and the ability to think rationally about it. I do not believe that turning off our minds or ignoring the observations of the scientific community is a step of faith that Christians are called to take. On the contrary, the more I learn about the universe, the mind, the body, AND EVOLUTION, the more I am filled with awe, wonder, and reverence for God's power and creative genius.

I am not alone in this view, either. In fact, several of the Christians I admire most for their faith are currently PhD candidates or post-docs in various sciences at Yale (where I study music theory and cognitive musicology) and the University of Chicago, or are professors in science, math, archaeology, and music. Further, a recent book by Francis Collins, head of the Human Genome Project, called The Language of God does a great job of pointing out the potential compatibility between Christian faith and current scientific theories (without qualifications on either side), as well as the intellectual and theological flaws in Young-Earth Creationism and Intelligent Design.

We must learn the lesson of Galileo and the Roman church: attaching theological significance to a scientific theory is both foolish and dangerous, and it hurts the church more than anyone else. After all, those who so strongly put value in truth should fully engage in its pursuit in any discipline. I sincerely hope, Shelley, that neither you nor your readers will judge the message of Christ by the mistakes of his followers. Neither the kind of ranting in the above comment nor senseless antagonism towards science embody the Christian message: salvation by the grace of God through faith in Christ Jesus, the forgiveness of sins, and the love of God spread throughout the world.

Blessings on you in your pursuit of truth in science. Reading your blog is part of mine.


Kris- Thank you for your cogent and thoughtful post! I can assure you that I do not judge Christianity by this wacko, by any means. I honestly think he/she would have been a few crayons short of a ox no matter what religion they ascribed to. Although I am an athiest personally, I do not begruge anyone their faith. In fact, I'm thrilled when people find meaning in their lives, no matter where they find it. I am happy to let those around me live their lives as they see fit, and hope that they will allow me the same privledge. It is really refreshing to see someone who can easily reconcile both science and God! I always wondered why it was such an issue to many Christians to disprove evolution, the big bang, etc. Thanks for stopping by. You are a credit to your faith.


I really like your blog, but since I called the nutbar on lack o' paragraphs I have to point out that you spelled both asinine and stupefying incorrectly.

We can help each other here. Next time hair cell regeneration in the cochlea through viral-mediated gene therapy comes up in one of the automotive trade mags I edit I will call on you to correct me.

By CaptainMike (not verified) on 27 Jul 2006 #permalink

I also incorrectly pluralized paragraph. Oops. Looks like I should get my own house in order before I criticize others..naw fuk dat.

By CaptainMike (not verified) on 27 Jul 2006 #permalink

Thanks Mike. I usually run my spellchecker before I post, but this guy's email garbled it up and was taking so long i just said 'skrew it.' :)

Further, a recent book by Francis Collins, head of the Human Genome Project, called The Language of God does a great job of pointing out the potential compatibility between Christian faith and current scientific theories (without qualifications on either side),

A credit to the faith you may be, but Collins book is a bunch of muddle headed trash.

particularly the view that Science is a threat to Christianity.

Of course it isn't. Not when one can rationalize anything and convince oneself that a myriad of scientific laws get violated from time to time by invisible beings.

But other than that your a good guy Kris.

If only he knew how close he was to the truth. I've almost completed the building of my Nazi Time machine where I will travel back in time and use my pink liberal Gay-Ray to turn Jesus into a homosexual evolutionist. Then they'll really feel the power.


I think I have seen the same kind of rants over at PZ's place. I guess he is trolling the Scienceblogs.

Oh, and is Adolph Hitler in any way related to Adolf Hitler?

By Kristjan Wager (not verified) on 28 Jul 2006 #permalink

I think Adolph Hitler is related to Carl Neitch. :)

Seriously, what is that person THINKING?

He MUST be a scientologist.

Great blog!!!

By Jamie A. Stine (not verified) on 28 Jul 2006 #permalink

All one can say at that is Holy s**t! Where do you people get your trolls?

They come free in specially marked boxes of Weetabix.

Tom Cruise impersonators like this guy are a bit trickier to find. You have to save up tokens and enter the prize draw.

By Corkscrew (not verified) on 28 Jul 2006 #permalink

Wow, that's terrific. A real masterpiece. It's rare that you get such a striking insight into the personality of a fractured mind. My diagnosis; a disenchanted Southern Baptist turned Scientologist. You've got to keep this for posterity. When the next comet comes around, and this fella goes to meet the mothership, that wild rant might actually become valuable.

Great blog! Great rant! Your blog just got added to my favorites. That said, here's my comment.
He needs to take the bible a little less literally and possibly read some of Joseph Campbell's work. Science and Christianity are not mutually exclusive. One phrase from the bible that comes to mind is that we are "terribly and wonderfully made." To limit one's thinking as to exclude Darwin's theories is to limit God's abilities which is counter intuitive to the fact that we cannot comprehend what God is let alone speculate what He is or isn't able to do.
I wouldn't call myself a Christian but wouldn't hesitate to say that I act more like one than the person who wrote that fine piece of rant. The bible was translated from Greek way back when and to call it the "Word of God" ignores the many errors in translation. One example that sums it up for me is the word meek as in "The meek will inherit the Earth." The word from Greek actually has the dual meaning of "new or open minded." This certainly changes the entire meaning of the phrase and makes much more sense when you read it and that is only one small example of the translation errors that fill the commonly accepted versions of the good book.
What troubles me the most though is this persons ability to post a comment in the first place considering his compromised mental abilities.


Crystal meth is a sad, sad thing...

Ok, I stopped reading after "spiritual". There must be something about blonde girls religious people don't like. :wonder: