I like going to research conferences.

Well, I dont like 'going' to them-- I inevitably get migraines from traveling, and this conference, I got the bonus of extreme motion sickness on the drive from Vancouver to Whistler...

But I like going to them! Bunch of smart folks talking about their research, brainstorming new ideas, its fun!

Its also creepy.


All these scientists I follow, whos research I write about here on ERV, are here. Its like, you go to a conference, and J. K. Rowling, and Professor Layton, and Bo Jackson, and Lieutenant Tasha Yar are speaking and hanging out.

Its like, "Wat?"

A couple of my favs spoke this morning-- Aris Katzourakis and Michael Worobey.


Aris has really cool hair.



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I guess all that widening and straightening done to that highway for the Olympics was a bust!

@Ken: My tax dollars went to improving that Sea to Sky Highway, and I will vouch that it is now a little bit easier to navigate through the fallen rocks and boulders littering it then before!

If it is any consolation ERV, I get kinda agoraphobic in the prairies...

So does Aris Katzourakis have hair like Commander Deanna Troi, or what?

If you have the time, you can take Amtrak.

Itâs a little awkward from Oklahoma, thoughâ¦youâd have to take the Heartland Flyer to Fort Worth where youâd connect to the Texas Eagle. That works heading eastâ¦in Chicago, you can make connections to Boston, New York, Washington, and points along the way. The only place you can get to on the West Coast is Los Angeles; and you miss the connection to the Coast Starlight to the Bay Area, Portland, Seattle, and other places in between.

Itâs an easy ride to several places in Texas: Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio. No good way to get to College Station (TAMU), though.

Done any skiing yet?

Mmmmmm ... March in British Columbia. I'm envious. I was never able to get my committee to do Vancouver in March, although we were there several times in June (still good skiing) and September.

And, yeah, conferences are a blast. Working with Really Sharp People in your field is awesome. Not to mention beer. Good times.

Memo to self: push a little harder on $DAUGHTER to look into jobs in Canada.

By D. C. Sessions (not verified) on 22 Mar 2011 #permalink

Hopefully you have talked with a migraine specialist?


Aris works in my Department and will not be allowed back until he gets his head shaved. It causes disruption.

You are extremely intelligent and also very hot. (Randomly came across your site). That would have been great if in my grad career there were some attractive women who I could also talk science with.