HAPPY SUNDOG! Ive got a fever...

Ive got a fever... puppy fever... and the only cure... is MORE PUPPIES!!!

My Terrible Med Student Neighbor finally moved out, and the new guy who moved in is just wonderful.  Really sweet kid, quiet, and he just adopted a homeless puppy!  The sound of puppy feet trotting around upstairs... I can barely take it.  And she is SO CUTE!  I have no clue what breed she is supposed to be-- he said she was a lab/pit mix, but she looks nothing like a lab or a pit to me :-/  White and strawberry blonde, and shes such a dear.  Shes super social, and super shy at the same time.  ADORABLE!

And then theres this video:



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Abbie, I looked up to you, but after this post I'll have to watch at least half a dozen cat videos to wash off the stench of .. puppies..

By Adam Caturday (not verified) on 02 Sep 2012 #permalink

There's definitely a strong streak of Bull Terrier (no Pit though?) here. Gorgeous! We had a similarly coloured Staffie that couldn't endure cats.

Awww! Arnieman's chest patch looks like a white heart in this photo!.

By Optimus Primate (not verified) on 03 Sep 2012 #permalink

ERV: "The sound of puppy feet trotting around upstairs… I can barely take it."Owww-Kaayy. Here's your in.
Bentley iz pup?yes/no
Bentley iz housetrained? yes/no

ERV volunteer to help clean up pup-poop, while loudly suggesting new-kid goeth off to ye pub, or whatever it is they do with their lives.
Muahahahahaa! ERV get to cuddle pup on couch with sack of chips and teevee (and Arnie, just there to check things don't go too far).

By dustbubble (not verified) on 03 Sep 2012 #permalink


That video is just an adorable puppy I saw on the internet and its so cute I was freaking out! I dunno Bently, but I LUVS HIM!

The puppy upstairs-- I need to get a pic of her :-D Savannah :-D

too much cute.

is ded.

By John C. Welch (not verified) on 05 Sep 2012 #permalink