FreeOK 2013

If you havent bought your ticket to this years FreeOK, do so ASAP! Theyre in serious danger of selling out this year! This also means that you should get to the event early, because if they are close to selling out, it also means it will be hard to get rows of seats together, if youre coming in a larger group!

If you are going to be around the OKC area tomorrow, and you have no idea what Im talking about, CLICK HERE! Its not at all hard to see why this years conference is so popular!

Local press with head organizer Aimee Breeze!

More press on the secular parenting workshop by Dale McGowan, organized by Christi Dawson!

MORE press on the currently running Camp Quest Oklahoma, organized by Mary Eversole!

Local press on OKC Atheists with current president Red McCall!

If you cant be in OKC, look for coverage on any of the area blogs, including Odd Oklahoma, Background Probability, and Great Plains Skeptic! There is also the OKC Atheists podcast, where they have interviewed many of the speakers. AND, heres hoping Seth at The Thinking Atheist will have the talks uploaded again this year!



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I love Oklahoma-- Great school, great cost of living, genuinely nice folks, and believe it or not, a fantastic atheist/skeptic scene. You all know about FreeOK (one and my talk isnt up yet from two... SEEEETH!), organized by Atheist Community of Tulsa and the OKC Atheists.  Those groups are amazing…
Just in time to promote FreeOK2, theres a really nice article on about OKC Atheists! To that end, McCall said the vast majority of people who join AOK are coming from a religious background of some kind, and whatever their former denomination, most are used to having a network of people to…
Last week, The Thinking Atheist interviewed psychologist/blog cousin Caleb Lack, the president of OKC Atheists Red McCall, and me. After seeing the videos Seth made for Caleb, I AM SCARED TO DEATH. CALEBS VIDS ARE SO GOOD. I didnt say anything nearly that eloquent or interesting! :-| And DAMN Seth…
Atheist Voices of Minnesota: an Anthology of Personal Stories will be officially released on August 28th, though you can of course get it now if you click on this secret link (or this secret link for the Kindle edition). I just received a press release for the book, and thought I'd pass it on to…