Saturday Shillery: Oklahoma!

I love Oklahoma-- Great school, great cost of living, genuinely nice folks, and believe it or not, a fantastic atheist/skeptic scene.

You all know about FreeOK (one and my talk isnt up yet from two... SEEEETH!), organized by Atheist Community of Tulsa and the OKC Atheists.  Those groups are amazing, outside of the conference.  Ive mentioned it numerous before, but whether you are into a quiet night of boardgames or partying it up at karaoke, need support/confidence/advice for dealing with radical theist relatives or want to go see 'The Hobbit' with some folks, want to learn something new at a talk by an OKC Atheist member on science or politics or spend the day volunteering at a food bank, OKC Atheists are the closest Ive seen any group come to rivaling the social netowrk provided by theistic groups.

People are finally starting to notice!

December 16th, the OKC Atheists will be featured on the CBS Morning News!!!  They wanted to do a story on the 'Nones', and the OKC Atheists are a *fantastic* choice for exposing 'Normies' to the 'Nones'.

And if Im the only skeptical blogger you know of from OK, you are missing out.

There is The Thinking Atheist-- HUGE, well deserved, YouTube crew.  He has a book coming out soon!

Of course we have Caleb Lack, who Ive featured a couple times before. Psychology and skepticism? YES, please!

We also have Damion-- Law + Math + Skepticism + Biting Wit/Observations

And you remember CJ?  My partner-in-crime when we went into a den of anti-vaxxers?  He has a really cool blog now, too, called 'Odd Oklahoma' about all the odd-but-interesting things we have right here in Oklahoma!

If you all know of any others, feel free to leave links in the comments!

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Just in time to promote FreeOK2, theres a really nice article on about OKC Atheists! To that end, McCall said the vast majority of people who join AOK are coming from a religious background of some kind, and whatever their former denomination, most are used to having a network of people to…
This past Tuesday a troupe of SciBlog readers met up in OKC for pizza, beer, and cookies!! Ill leave it to readers to out themselves if they want (or email me to anonymize you!), but I had to put up a funny pic of Logan, my partner-in-crime from Dembskis infamous OU visit: And a pic of the good…
If you havent bought your ticket to this years FreeOK, do so ASAP! Theyre in serious danger of selling out this year! This also means that you should get to the event early, because if they are close to selling out, it also means it will be hard to get rows of seats together, if youre coming in a…

Thanks for the plug, Abbie!

I will bite you all with wit. ;)

A positive attitude is nice, but I can't help but wonder if you just are exposed to a different set of people than I am.…

This is the Oklahoma I know, which is one where I seem to be the only person in my family or friends that's somehow managed to stay afloat, just wondering how to help a vast group of people that all seem to constantly be in some manner of financial or medical crisis. It's a lot of stress, and I'm not even the person having the problems. That's really all that I know. I've never known people that are lucky enough to only have to worry about their own personal projects, aside from myself and that's a very recent development.

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