Book written by scientists, for everyone, on GMOs, for FREE!


FREE book on GMOs, written by actual scientists and farmers, compiled by a former anti-GMOer who is now convinced of GMOs utility:

The Lowdown on GMOs: According to Science

I found out about this book from two of my friends, Karl Haro von Mogel and Anastasia Bodnar. These two were part of founding Biofortified (The Pandas Thumb of plant genetics) and are actual scientists (not just random people on the internet with an opinion).

But you can learn more about the other authors from David Tribe (another actual scientist and contributor to the book).

In a world where some are willing to torture animals to get graphic 'GMOS CAUSE TUMORS!!!' pics for internet sensationalism, and are willing go so far as to threaten to sue publications for retracting papers after post-peer-review analysis, while other anti-GMOers try to get anyone who disagrees with them fired, its refreshing to have such a straight forward, information dense, accessible resource for the general public (including me! I havent done any plant genetics in a looooong time!).

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I still love the science behind GMOs and do think it can make the world a better place. But I still have a downer on the corporate side like gene patenting and farmers'indebtedness. Hopefully these can improve with time due to people highlighting the abuses and we can have the benefits of good science.

Also, the linkee appears to be brokee.