HIV Denier abuses the courts to silence critic. Loses.

Quick recap--

An HIV Denier, Clark  Baker, starts a web group, the 'HIV Innocence Project' to defend people accused of HIV-related crimes. Name-change to 'HIV Innocence Group' after the Innocent Project complained.

An HIV advocate, Todd Deshong, started a different website, 'HIV Innocent Group Truth' to address and expose Clarks activities.

DeShongs coverage is rather innocuous-- What cases is Baker involved in? To what extent? What is the attack-angle Baker is providing to the accused/defense team?

Here is an example I picked at random from 2011.

I have said much more aggressive things about Creationists/HIV Deniers/anti-vaxers/XMRV=CFSers.

However Baker was oh-so-offended at DeShongs coverage, so, he sued DeShong for trademark infringement and defamation.

Article at Popehat

Case filing from Popehat

Well, Baker lost. An outcome that should surprise no one except Baker.

Clark Baker Loses In Federal Court: AIDS Denialists Continue 100% Losing Streak

Files associated with the dismissal

I actually had no idea who Clark Baker was before this-- the only person who 'defamed' Clark Baker, is Clark Baker. I mean, its bad enough someone is an HIV Denier. But add to that Baker is someone who would use and abuse the legal system to silence critics? Scum. Good old fashioned scum. Straight up.

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Thanks for the post, Abbie. Many people are now finding about Baker and his antics. My blog traffic has increased by 300% in the last few days.

By J Todd DeShong (not verified) on 07 Jul 2014 #permalink

Thanks for your work, Todd, and for raising awareness about the horrible dangers of HIV/AIDS denial (again), Abbie.

Seems to me we need to stop treating this stuff as "free speech" and start treating it as medical quackery and fraud, just like selling "orgone boxes." HIV-denialism, anti-vax conspiracy theory, all of it is a manifest danger to public health and should be shut down, and the people behind it should be prosecuted.

Question is, who in their right mind falls for HIV denialism? Is there some demographic pattern here, e.g. rural people, urban people, young adults, something else? Find the pattern and target the counter-education to reach people in those groups.

Hey Ethan, thanks for the words of encouragement. I love your blog. I've never been great at Physics, but your site helps me understand it, at least for a minute.

By J Todd DeShong (not verified) on 08 Jul 2014 #permalink

HIV-denialism, anti-vax conspiracy theory, all of it is a manifest danger to public health and should be shut down, and the people behind it should be prosecuted.

I think having "more speech" as the answer to "bad speech" is vastly superior, G.