Audiommunity Episode 9 - Id just like to second everything Abbie said


Former blag-brother Kevin, along some friends from Harvard, have an independent website set up for educating the public about immunology:

They have a page I will link to many times in the future, describing the basic cellular components of the immune system, as well as another page filled with animations explaining some tricks those cells like to perform.

They also have a fantastic podcast: Audiommunity

I was super excited when they invited me on to talk about the Immunity Project, specifically, the paper that group just published.

*SPOILER* As four scientists working in immunology/virology/vaccine design, none of us were overly impressed.

It was *so* much fun geeking out with three other immunity geeks. If you ever wanted to eavesdrop in on some young scientists talking shop, this podcast is it.

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