Coming soon: a new edition of Tangled Bank

In one short week (on February 1, 2006), there will be a new edition of the Tangled Bank, hosted here at Adventures in Ethics and Science.

Tangled Bank is a blog carnival of the best science writing (broadly construed) in the blogosphere. In previous editions, topics have ranged across many scientific disciplines and have included essays about the intersections of science and everyday life. The important criteria for submissions are that they be about science, nature or medicine, and that they have been published within the past two or three months on a blog.

Following the example of GrrlScientist, I would like to encourage submissions by new voices -- especially bloggers from outside the U.S., women, and folks whose writing hasn't been featured by the Tangled Bank before. And, I'd like to put out a special call for submissions in some of the areas of science that are underrepresented here at ScienceBlogs. If you're blogging about chemistry, or astronomy, or meteorology, or [whatever scientific field we're not presenting here], you're on notice!

You can send your submissions to me, to PZ Myers, or to the Tangled Bank host inbox ( Please:

  • Put "Tangled Bank" in the subject line.
  • Include a link to the essay you're submitting
  • If you can, include a brief description of the essay
  • Indicate whether you are the author of the essay or you are informing on another great science writer in the blogosphere (which is encouraged!)
  • Note whether you (or the author of the essay who you're ratting out) are (is) a first-time contributor to Tangled Bank.

I anxiously await your submissions!

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