Friday Sprog Blogging: rainy season edition

A conversation during the early-morning "power snuggle", during which all four members of the Free-Ride family stay under the covers pretending they don't have to get up, like, five minutes ago:

Elder offspring: Did you hear that loud thunder last night?

Younger offspring: (pouting) I didn't hear it!

Dr. Free-Ride: I heard it. The first flash of lightning woke me up.

Elder offspring I only saw one flash of lightning, but I heard two thunder claps.

Younger offspring: You must have been asleep for the first lightning.

Dr. Free-Ride's better half: It was pretty close.

Dr. Free-Ride: I didn't think to count with the first one, but for the second lightning bolt the thunder was only two seconds later [about 0.4 miles away]. Do you know why we see the lightning before we hear the thunder?

Elder offspring No.

Dr. Free-Ride's better half: Light travels faster than sound. When we see the lightning, the sound is still getting to us.

Younger offspring: Weird.

Elder offspring: I love the sights and sounds of nature.

Younger offspring: Me, too!

Dr. Free-Ride: Do you hear any sounds of nature right now?

Both in unison: Rain!

Elder offspring: That's good for the plants!

Dr. Free-Ride: And the slugs.

Younger offspring: And the worms.

Dr. Free-Ride: Actually, I think the reason we see so many worms on rainy days is that their cozy underground holes get flooded.

Younger offspring: I like to help them back into their holes.

Elder offspring: I handed Molly a worm at recess the other day.

Dr. Free-Ride: Did she want the worm?

Elder offspring: Yes.

Dr. Free-Ride: Good, because it's rude to hand worms to people who don't want them.

(The rain continues, pattering on the roof.)

Dr. Free-Ride: I think we have to get up now.

Elder offspring: OK. Hey Dr. Free-Ride's better half, time to get up!

Dr. Free-Ride: That's it. You've read enough of the blogs.

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Did you experience the freezing rain/hail today? It was awesome. I had this I-know-how-to-drive-in-weather-and-you-don't smirk on my face all day long!

Thank heavens. I was going into withdrawal--all day (half at work) and no Sprog Blog.

Well, I'm still at work, and now I'm happy. Sprogs, ask Dr. F-R to tell you about her experience in the garden at 313 handing a worm to her sibling, even when he SAID he wanted to hold it. Ask her about Duke and T/L storms too.

I'll help Duke read this Blog, but you Sprogs have to do it yourselves.

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