Vacation Sprog Blogging Hiatus? I think not!

Elder offspring: You're going to have to put up a post on your blog saying that there will be no Friday Sprog Blogging next week.

Dr. Free-Ride: Why do I have to do that?

Elder offspring: You'll be at your conference and we'll be on vacation, so we won't be able to talk about science with you.

Dr. Free-Ride: That's true, but I can talk to you on the phone.

Elder offspring: Yeah, but what if you ask us questions and we say, "Sorry, we haven't done anything that has to do with science"?

Dr. Free-Ride: You don't think I could find a way to connect what you're doing on your vacation with science somehow? Child, you underestimate me!

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Child, you underestimate me!

Ah, so you do have a Diploma in Evil Scientism as well! But be warned - you can still be foiled by those pesky kids.