North Carolina Science Blogging Conference 2007 -- Friday dinner.

Bora just said, "There are twenty bloggers here. Who's live blogging the dinner?!"

I guess the answer is: Me.

Although really, it's not like I can give a comprehensive account of the dinner, since I've mostly been sitting here conspiring with Bill Hooker and Zuska about ways to change the culture of science for the better. Given the importance of that task, I think it's almost worth missing the conversations at the other end of our table, and at the other table. (As Bill notes: The problem with these conference dinners is that there are approximately 400 conversations going on, and you want to be a part of all of them.)

Anyway, Prof. Steve Steve is here, but he seems ... different from how he was in Vancouver. Not that I'm suggesting Prof. Steve Steve has a set of body doubles (Zuska says: "Stunt doubles!") for public appearances, mind you.

There's a rumor there might be some blog readings later at the dinner, but this is probably dependent on Bora's ability to herd people in that direction.

More soon!

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