Real-life encounters with online persons.

Last night my better half and I had dinner with JM -- at a restaurant with both excellent sushi and excellent service! Figures JM finds it right before she's about to flee the state to start her Ph.D. program.

Because my posts are often (as she put it) "long-winded, but in a good way," she has recommended a coffee mug rating system at the top of each post. You know, to indicate how many mug of coffee you should expect to need to get all the way to the end of the post. Should I pester our developer for this functionality?

Then, today another ScienceBlogger and I had a top-secret meeting:


Sure, it looks harmless enough. You can hardly tell that we're plotting to take over the world.

After the top-secret business was transacted, I paid a surprise visit to Uncle Fishy's place of business (owing in part to the fact that I had consumed many cups of coffee while plotting the aforementioned take-over). It turns out people who work in the corporate world sometimes have awesome views. Here's the view from Uncle Fishy's desk:


I have a view (kind of -- the windows are filthy) of a building where gym classes are conducted.

Also, when introducing me to one of his co-workers, Uncle Fishy introduced me as his older sister. While this is factually correct, he could as easily have introduced me simply as his sister (since I'm the only one he's got). Do you suppose he wanted to shed light on some birth order related intersibling dynamic? Or is he just starting to feel sensitive about his age?

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Don't fret. With the recently published study about sibling IQ, that position entitles you to a 3 pt advantage.

Good lord. You don't often see views like THAT. Thanks for publishing it.

As for the coffee cup idea...hmm. Nah, don't think so. We'll muddle through w/o it.

No wonder he has been so reluctant to leave the office and visit the right coast (for business -OR- family visits)!

Thanks for the insight.

By Super Sally (not verified) on 29 Jun 2007 #permalink

Couple of ScienceBloggers, perhaps (as Rob and I are each "coupled" to persons who are *not* ScienceBloggers). I shall leave all judgments of cuteness to the commentariat.

That is, in fact, a camera on the table, although when this picture was snapped the camera here pictured was not taking a picture.