I have at least six things I really want to write blog posts about at the moment, but the day job is a harsh mistress.

So instead of a content-laden post, you get a list so you can play along vicariously.

In the next nine days, I must:

  • Lead the last new-content class meeting of my "Ethics in Science" class (for two class sections) - done
  • Remember to distribute student evaluations - done
  • Devise two more rubrics with which to evaluate case study responses for the engineering ethics module and distribute them to my unholy army of the night grading team - done
  • Grade the last case study from my "Ethics in Science" class (both sections)
  • Collect and grade research reports and final essays from my "Ethics in Science" class (both sections)
  • Lead a final exam review session for my "Ethics in Science" class (both sections)
  • Write a final exam for my "Ethics in Science" class - done
  • Proofread that final exam before I photocopy it
  • Find out whether my graduate assistant has enough hours left that she can help me grade at least part of the final exam without it being exploitative
  • Participate in an instructional team debrief meeting - done, a governing board meeting, and a university-level committee meeting

That doesn't even get me through final exams, let alone to May 23.

Did I mention that my parents are coming to visit next week?

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If you had a regulation flight of stairs I'd offer to help you grade (by throwing the papers/projects/exams up the stairs)!

See you on day 6, more or less.

By Super Sally (not verified) on 08 May 2008 #permalink

Parents can be uber-helpful at a time like this! Recruit them to keep the home fires burning and entertain the sprogs while you slog through the end-of-semester swamp.

More fun for all: parents do grading, unholy army of the night does sprog care. You go to the day spa with a nice, fat non-required reading tome. Whoops, sorry, that's my fantasy.

By Archivist $0.01 (not verified) on 08 May 2008 #permalink