Who are you calling funny looking?


Yesterday, heading out to lunch with some colleagues, I noticed some of the other people out on the street were ... oddly attired. We saw these folks as we were passing by a cinema, so our first thought was, "Maybe this has something to do with the Speed Racer movie?"

And then we remembered the banners, and last year's Memorial Day weekend in downtown San Jose.


"Egad!" we exclaimed, "It's time for FanimeCon again!" By midday Saturday, the streets will be swarming with people dressed as anime characters.

Of course, that's not the only big happening in San Jose with oddly dressed participants this weekend.


Today is also San Jose State University's commencement. Afterwards, the campus and many of the downtown streets in San Jose will be lousy with people in academic robes and mortarboards.

To my mind, this has all the potential for the best street-fight ever. If it happens, let's hope it gets posted on YouTube.

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To my mind, this has all the potential for the best street-fight ever. If it happens, let's hope it gets posted on YouTube.

I totally want to learn ethics from you. Also, to see you dress up as an anime character.

Your last line reminded me of "Renaissance," the wonderful episode of Home Movies in which a medieval fair and a science-fiction convention are held across the street from each other, with strange and hilarious consequences.

By Julie Stahlhut (not verified) on 24 May 2008 #permalink

I like costumes, and spend quite some time looking around for tutorials and ideas. Although cosplay is not so much my cup of tea, some of them are *very* good costumers, and some of the costumes are indeed engineering feats, see for instance :
(a very nice website with lots of other high quality costumes, most with much more fabric than the one I linked to...)


So that's where my costume designer went to, when she ditched strike....