Celebrating the Year of Science.


I've been derelict in my duty to inform you that 2009 has been declared the Year of Science, which is, of course, just an excuse to celebrate science-y goodness every day. Each month has a theme and a variety of options for exploring that theme.

For February, the theme is evolution (in part because some fellow named Darwin has a birthday this month). In addition to getting a good dose of Darwiniana, you can check in on scientists sharing their thoughts on evolution and science more generally, explore evolutionary thought and the process of evolution, look at the connections between evolutionary science and our society, and check out the fun zone for games, videos, and a contest. There's even a page of resources to help you get involved in science -- including some classic "Friday Sprog Blogging" posts and "Tips for Talking Science" from yours truly.

There's too much good stuff on the site to absorb in just one visit. Luckily, we'll have the whole year to enjoy it!

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Isn't it amazing that someone like Darwin is celebrated for his thoughts. Evolution is bunk! I am not a creationist either. But to evolve an animal had to make a conscious decision. An example: a fish had to decide that land was the next place it was going to make its home. How many fish had to make that decision and how many realized they would have to die before their gills evolved into lungs? Yet there are people who actually believe in evolution. Somebody is not thinking things through.

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