The best laid plans.

Imagine you are looking ahead to a furlough day and taking seriously the piece of the agreement that specifies that you won't actually do any work on that furlough day. To prevent yourself from backsliding by doing work to pass the time, do you:

A. Schedule a spa-day at a local salon (thus also helping offset, if only just a little, the hit local businesses take during furlough days).
B. Let chores at home pile up, ensuring that your time will be gobbled up by doing them (or by hiding from those depending on you to do them).
C. Come down with some gnarly cold that knocks you on your butt.
D. All of the above.

It's not that I meant to choose D, but apparently my immune system didn't get the memo.

Nonetheless, at the moment, my nails look great.

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If it had not been one of the three all-campus furlough days designated by the university president, I might consider trying to claim it as a sick-day. But since it was, I don't think that will fly.

In the meantime, has anyone had good experiences buying new immune systems on eBay? The one I have now is clearly no longer on warranty.

If you figure out how to get a new and improved young-person immune system, let me know. I've been down for the last 4 days with a hideous cold. Evil rotten stinking children brought it home from school. *They* didn't catch it, but they have it to me.

I've been sick for over a month; I had a low grade cough that turned sour when the fires turned the ambient air in Pasadena into particulate hell.

Finally almost better; undergrads report tonight. Looking forward to the massive inrush of H1N1 beasties.

I need a bubble.

Actually, I get a flu shot every year. This seems to help my immune system the next year. Oh, and the multi-vitamin every morning and fresh fruit for breakfast ;)

By ScienceWoman (not verified) on 23 Sep 2009 #permalink's a good thing I've changed pseudonyms, as there seems to be a second ScienceWoman running around here. It's like have an out-of-body bloggy experience seeing the comment above mine.

But ScienceWoman seems like a practical sort. The bit about immunity the next year sounds iffy, but fresh fruit and a multivitamin in the morning can't hurt.