DonorsChoose 2009 Social Media Challenge: Day 4 update.

Here's a quick update on how the ScienceBlogs contingent is doing in the DonorsChoose 2009 Social Media Challenge.

Since we kicked off the challenge on Thursday, three more blogs have mounted challenges:

A Blog Around the Clock (challenge here)
Christina's LIS Rant (challenge here)
Thus Spake Zuska (challenge here)

And, as I type this, 61 ScienceBlogs readers have donated a grand total of $4,784, funding projects that will reach 1,329 students.

Of course, there are more students to be reached. If you're the kind of person who likes to give a project the last chunk of change it needs, here are some projects that are within $100 of completion.

A Blog Around the Clock challenge, where Bora has chosen a wide array of proposals from teachers in high poverty schools in North Carolina:

Biology games (a cell game, a codon DNA game, a Messenger RNA game, and "gene rummy") for a biology classroom, a proposal that just needs $74 more to become a reality.

Astronomy games for grade school students learning about the sun, moon, and stars, a project that will be fully funded once it gets $58 more.

Gene Expression challenge, where Razib presents projects to bring needed technology to a bunch of poor schools (especially, but not exclusively, in biology classrooms):

Electronic balances to replace rusted and outdated lab equipment in a science classroom in a high poverty high school in Mississippi, a project just $100 shy of the funding it needs.

Sciencewomen's book challenge, where SciWo and Alice have selected a number of projects that would bring books to high poverty classrooms:

Materials for hands-on activities to help kids learn about waves, oceans, and landforms in a 5th grade classroom in a high poverty school in South Carolina, a project that will be ready to go once it gets $65 more.

A collection of nonfiction book about plant and animal lifecycles for a 2nd grade classroom in a high poverty school in Southern California, an awesome classroom library that only needs $27 more to happen.

Christina's LIS Rant challenge, which features a bunch of proposals from teachers in high poverty Maryland schools:

Books to encourage environmental education and critical thinking in a 9th grade English classroom in a school with an environmental science focus, in need of just $65 more to reach full funding.

Dr. Isis's challenge, where Dr. Isis has included quite a few proposals from K-2 teachers:

Science supplies like graduated cylinders and thermometers for a 1st grade classroom in a high poverty school in Wisconsin, looking for just $63 more.

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If you make a donation, thanks! And don't forget to forward your confirmation email to scienceblogs (at) gmail (dot) com and you will automatically be entered in a weekly drawing to win a bag of swag, including Seed custom moleskin notebooks and tote bags and ScienceBlogs mugs and USB drives.

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How come Isis is the only high-traffic blogger on this DonorsChoose train? Where's Laden in particular, this should be right up his alley. What better blow in support of science education in the public schools?

By El Picador (not verified) on 04 Oct 2009 #permalink

I've looked at DonorsChoose before, but I know approximately nothing about what is actually useful in low-level science education, so being able to choose was actually a negative. Having recommendations from a reliable source makes a big difference.

Thomas- the teachers are not a reliable enough source for you?

By El Picador (not verified) on 05 Oct 2009 #permalink