DonorsChoose 2009 Social Media Challenge: help to increase my share of the HP funds and I'll sing for you.

As I noted earlier this week, Hewlett-Packard is going to be distributing another $200,000 in the DonorsChoose 2009 Social Media Challenge. They're dividing up that pool of money according to how much each challenge has raised as a proportion of the total funds raised by this Sunday. In other words, if my challenge were to raise an amount equivalent to 1% of the total take by Sunday, HP would add another $2000 to fund the projects in my challenge.

If we were to get enough of an extra kick from HP to break $3000, I would gladly deliver the "big reward" I promised to you (and the internets) collectively.

Since I'm not certain of the feasibility of an all-ScienceBlogs recreation of a Star Trek episode, I pledge to compose and sing for you a philosophy of science song -- something along the lines of the Dixie Chicks meet Sir Karl Popper, Cole Porter meets Feyerabend, or KT Tunstall meets Thomas Kuhn. (Yes, I've done some preliminary work on this prize to establish that it's doable.)

As an added encouragement, for each unique donor to my challenge by this Sunday, I will contribute a dollar of my own. (So far, I'm in for $21.) This means that folks who haven't donated yet and can scrape together even a little donation can amplify our impact.

So what are you waiting for?

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