DonorsChoose 2009 Social Media Challenge: Last day of the drive!

Happy Hallowe'en and welcome to the last day of the 2009 Social Media Challenge. With your help, ScienceBlogs bloggers have raised more than $56,000 to help public school teachers pay for classroom supplies, fund field trips, and support activities to help their students learn.

Today is the end of the drive, so if you've been hanging back -- or if you've found some money in the pocket of that winter coat you've just dug out of the closet -- this is a great time to help make a difference. And, if you make a donation through my challenge page, you can still get in on some fabulous prizes, including sprog art.


Indeed, here's some art from the younger Free-Ride offspring to encourage you to give what you can!

(Oh yeah, and since you all helped me raise more than $3,000, I'll be composing, singing, and posting a philosophy of science song for you. Gulp!)

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